Cory Hanson

Western Cum / I Can't Keep My Eyes Open


Drag City
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  1. Western Cum 4:07

  2. I Can't Keep My Eyes Open 4:18

About this product

Summer’s all but gone, we thought the dust had died down – but Cory Hanson’s Western Cum album, released back in June, keeps coming back for more. With a now-familiar majestrial swoop, “Western Cum” b/w “I Can’t Keep My Eyes Open” tosses back another couple shots of the stuff that damn near hypnotized us this past season. A peerless mastery of melody played on and with guitars, and the boldness required to gun-sling at this level, is seared into both “sides” of this virtual non-album single — the legendary, absent album title song, plus a new entry in the trucking (and so tired) song — shimmering like the elusive all-American mirage itself. Your heart’ll be in your throat, your chest in your face!  Cum one, Cum all...