Bill MacKay

Bill MacKay - credit: Photo by Dan Mohr

Photo by Dan Mohr

Bill MacKay


Spirit-guitar played in a polyglut of styles that melt together liquidly, like the glass slide figurations throughout the album. A landscape in song, and modern guitar on a personal high.


Title Format Cat # Date
Esker LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC676 2017
Darts & Arrows: Altamira CD Ears & Eyes 2015
Chatham Park MP3 self-released 2014
Bill MacKay & Matt Lux: December Concert MP3 Ears & Eyes 2014
Darts & Arrows: Eyes of the Carnival CD self-released 2012
Bill MacKay and Darts & Arrows CD self-released 2010
Broken Things: Swim to the River CD self-released 2007
Bill MacKay & Sounds of Now CD self-released 2005