Masaki Batoh

Brain Pulse Music


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Kumano Codex 1 5:16

  2. Eye Tracking Test 5:06

  3. Kumano Codex 2 3:56

  4. Kumano Codex 3 8:51

  5. Kumano Codex 4 3:49

  6. Kumano Codex 5 4:12

  7. Aiki No Okami 10:24

About this product

Years of research into the bio-electric output of the human brain have now been harnessed with the creation of a device that allows man to monitor and interface with another's brain using a box that appears to be no more complicated than a guitar effects pedal! Batoh's experiements with this machine (ON SALE SOON RIGHT HERE!) are only part of the album; the other tracks utilize traditional Japanese ritual melodies and instrumentation to form a prayer/requiem for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. A deep and soothing album that intends to bring the potential for inner peace to all who listen to their brain.

Note on the free track: "Eye Tracking Test" features two BPM machines at the same time. The test subject was Tomoko Hosoi.

We highly recommend headphone listening on this album