Masaki Batoh

Smile Jesus Loves YOU


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. In the Hour of Serpent 6:55

  2. Pobrecito Mi Cigarro 6:27

  3. Speculum 7:22

  4. Banjo Suite (CD/Download-only) 2:41

  5. Shrine Coke (CD/Download-only) 3:52

  6. Uzumaki No Momento 6:00

  7. Sarabanda 3:01

  8. Smile Jesus Loves YOU 12:41

About this product

Batoh is back! Solo again after last fall’s new Silence album, the Japanese psychedelic guru makes some solo cuts, withothers featuring Ghost and Silence family members, including free drumming legend of Fushitsusha and early Ghost, Hiroyuki Usui. In all-analog production, Batoh decries the existential opacity of our latter-day faith, drawing from thetraditions of all countries, fused into new music for this century.