Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Best Troubador


Drag City/Palace Records
Catalog #
DC674 /PR4637
Double LP $24.00
Cassette $10.00
Compact Disc $12.00
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All Tracks

  1. The Fugitive 3:31

  2. I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall 2:45

  3. The Day the Rains Came 3:12

  4. Haggard (Like I've Never Been Before) 3:46

  5. I Always Get Lucky With You 3:47

  6. Leonard 3:13

  7. My Old Pal 3:42

  8. Roses in the Winter 3:58

  9. Some of Us Fly 5:05

  10. Wouldn't That Be Something 3:27

  11. Pray 3:16

  12. That's the Way Love Goes 3:04

  13. Nobody's Darling 4:05

  14. What I Hate (excerpt) :20

  15. I Am What I Am 2:39

  16. If I Could Only Fly 4:36

  17. Mama Tried (feat. Oscar Parsons) 2:22

About this product

If we could fly through the songbook of ol' Hag, we could come up with a thousand different ways to go down the mighty road he walked in his long life making records. But none would be as sweet and stalwart as ol' Bonny's.

Note: "Mama Tried" is an exclusive free download-only track, available in advance of the release date. It is not on the LP, Cassette, or CD, nor in the MP3 & FLAC downloads.