Mike Donovan

How to Get Your Record Played in Shops


Drag City
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  1. Great Unknowing 1:47

  2. 3 Track Seizure 2:08

  3. Rosemarie 3:23

  4. Sadfinger 2:52

  5. Four Armed Star 1:19

  6. Chapel of Peace 3:02

  7. Spiral Tee Shirt 4:13

  8. Montera Select Niteclub 2:01

  9. Sugar Shaker 2:42

  10. Cold Shine 2:45

  11. Top Shop 3:32

  12. Fox News Coverage '68 (Yea I Know It's a Drag, Assassinating Billionaires Is Still a Radical Imperative) 2:12

About this product

Mike D takes busman's holiday on keyboards; the shards and trinkles from this brokedown music-box are slivers of aloneness, echoes of weird scenes and falsetto-hued odes all designed to break your heart and make you smile when you come upon them in the bin. Once you've got it, play it in the record stores of your mind!