posted August 19th, 2016

You heard it here early and often kids, - history's a stone-cold bitch what will stab you in a mini-second and leave you bleeding into the swiftly retreating past. But blood works best when its paid forward! That's why we like to reach into the fridge and pull out a nice, vintage pint of somethin' homegrown that nobody's seen or heard for awhile - like all the best children, that's what the world needs now! Matter of fact, we've been rollin' 'em out all summer long, starting with good old LP stock on Viva Last Blues, Julius Ceasar, "Mirror Repair", The Doctor Came At Dawn, JOYA, the Mister Lonely OST and of course, those Flying Saucer Attack albums you've been waiting for all your young, dumb lives. But shit kid! It's August and like the overgrown delinquints we are, we've got nothing going on! In other words, THE PERFECT MOMENT to do nothing but spit up dramatically from our archive that keeps on giving. That's what accounts for the long-awaited (yet sudden) surplus on vinyl copies of Scene Creamers' I Suck On That Emotion and Rian Murphy & Will Oldham's "All Most Heaven"!

Here were a couple of records that floated boats in the early 90s - highly discerning boats who liked to to love and laugh and criticize the status quo ad infinitum! Scene Creamers hailed from Washington DC and were in fact 3/4ths of the final lineup of the Makeup, complete with that mic-toting spiv himself, Ian Svenonius! And GOD what a great record I Suck On That Emotion was. WOW! Such great post-punk songs in a psychedelic funk vein! If they hadn't gone on to take the name Weird War and never record again under the name of Scene Creamers, this one'd be a Brooklyn household name today. And the Murphy/Oldham record - why that was the playful spirit of Drag City's 90s roster in full flight there - really WEIRD songs with lots of made up words from Bonnie 'Prince' Oldham arranged by Jim O'Rourke, with vocal sections from Archer Prewitt, Kelly Hogan and Edith Frost and played by a cast of dozens of Chicago's finest! And produced by DC's blushin' own Rian Murphy, with his feet up at Electrical Audio while Steve Albini got the mix together! Great stuff that deserves to be in print forever - but WHY has it been ten years since we've seen either of these? Don't dwell on the past! Think of the future: a future that includes all of these and also vinyl on Royal Trux's epochal third and fourth albums, untitled and Cats and Dogs. ALL available RIGHT EFIN NOW! The summer starts here! And just in time. What'd we tell you about history, kids?


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