Six Organs of Admittance

Companion Rises


Drag City
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  1. Pacific 1:51

  2. Two Forms Moving 4:39

  3. The Scout is Here 5:03

  4. Black Tea 4:36

  5. Companion Rises 3:18

  6. The 101 4:32

  7. Haunted and Known 5:27

  8. Mark Yourself 6:04

  9. Worn Down to the Light 3:59

About this product

The new Six Organs of Admittance song title says it all: “Two Forms Moving.” Musically, a beatific bongo-driven acoustic form interlocks with a metallic guitar with intermittent synth radiation form, as two distinct vocal forms join together too. It’s good fun, like Faust producing The Revolution, with one of Prince’s hottest solos. Inspirational couplet: “two forms moving / two forms living / form a counterpoint / in double giving.” Universal!