Six Organs of Admittance

Asleep On The Floodplain


Drag City
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  1. Above A Desert I've Never Seen 5:03

  2. Light Of The Light 2:49

  3. Brilliant Blue Sea Between Us 3:33

  4. Saint Of Fishermen 1:02

  5. Hold But Let Go 4:21

  6. River Of My Youth 5:35

  7. Poppies 1:01

  8. S/word And Leviathan 12:26

  9. A New Name On An Old Cement Bridge 2:58

  10. Dawn, Running Home 5:05

About this product

Ten portable slabs of home recorded blur-and-ripple (and warble) from a (mostly) acoustic Six Organs. Ben just hangs around with the creatures of the earth and he likes the sounds and transcending the body, that's all. The new new spirituals!