Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Lie Down In The Light


Drag City/Palace Records
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DC367 /PR41
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All Tracks

  1. Easy Does It 3:53

  2. You Remind Me Of Something (The Glory Goes) 3:56

  3. So Everyone 4:01

  4. For Every Field There's A Mole 3:19

  5. (Keep Eye On) Other's Gain 4:35

  6. You Want That Picture 3:50

  7. Missing One 2:47

  8. What's Missing Is 4:27

  9. Where Is The Puzzle? 3:50

  10. Lie Down In The Light 4:09

  11. Willow Trees Bend 4:08

  12. I'll Be Glad 2:43

About this product

"Everything comes down to this", the man says. No doubt, "this" is Lie Down In The Light, the Bonny Prince's brightest record to date. Prepare yourself to battle with questions large and small (but never insignificant), much like the wrestlers portrayed in the artwork.