The Anomoanon

Mother Goose


Palace Records
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  1. Barber Barber Shave a Pig

  2. Draw a Pail of Water

  3. Hinx Minx the Old Witch Winks

  4. I Had a Little Pony

  5. I Love Little Pussy

  6. I Won't Be My Father's Jack

  7. I Had a Donkey That Wouldn't Go

  8. In Fir Tar Is

  9. In Marble Halls as White as Milk

  10. Johnny Armstrong Killed a Calf

  11. One Misty Moisty Morning

  12. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

  13. Solomun Grundy

  14. Telltale Tit

  15. The Dove Said 'Coo Coo'

  16. There Was A Man and His Name was Dob

  17. There was a piper had a Cow

  18. There Was An Old Woman Called Nothing At All

  19. There Was An Old Woman Tossed Up in A Basket

  20. Tome He Was A Piper's Son

  21. We Are All in the Dumps

  22. Wee Willie Winkie

  23. Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid

About this product

27 Rhymes set to music! Recorded in Alabama and Rhode Island. Find it in the children or adult sections. "Come under my bush!"