Sir Richard Bishop

Polytheistic Fragments


Drag City
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  1. Cross My Palm With Silver 4:02

  2. Hecate's Dream 3:21

  3. Elysium Number Five 2:02

  4. Rub' al Khali 4:05

  5. Free Masonic Guitar 4:58

  6. Cemetery Games 1:53

  7. Quiescent Return 2:48

  8. Saraswati 10:48

  9. Tennessee Porch Swing 1:57

  10. Canned Goods & Firearms 5:15

  11. Ecstasies In The Open Air 4:13

About this product

Sir Richard is not the first classic guitarist we've offered to you, but he definitely presents the most diverse style. Here he intersperses his influences of Django, flamenco, and raga with songs like Cemetery Games, with its arrangement of skeleton-dance guitar and doom-laden piano.


You have gathered by now that we do, from time to time, solicit remarks from Drag City artists on the topic of other Drag City artists. It's proven to be good for sales and besides, we're one big happy family over here, everyone's got their fingers in each other's pies. Therefore we weren't surprised to learn that Mayo Thompson like the music of Sir Richard Bishop. We were surprised that he would try to specify why in writing. The sending reads as follows:

As I hear Polytheistic Fragments, Sir Richard Bishop operates the guitar in a way so as to make present the god of each fragment; fragments understood as representing essences. Should you happen to be an adept of any of these, this record no doubt would be of practical use. The hearer however needn't know the articles of any of these faiths to appreciate what is at stake not only musically but in the theistic sense adverted to, if the latter only virtually. That is because psychophysical states in relation to the musical effects are phenomenally identical for almost everyone.

And note: even strict abstract users may experience a sense of imminence. Adepts will experience the god as such.