Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Summer in the Southeast


Sea Note
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  1. Master and Everyone

  2. Pushkin

  3. Blokbuster

  4. Wolf Among Wolves

  5. May It Always Be

  6. Break of Day

  7. A Sucker's Evening

  8. Nomadic Revery

  9. I See A Darkness

  10. O Let It Be

  11. Beast for Thee

  12. Death to Everyone

  13. Even If Love

  14. I Send My Love To You

  15. Take However Long You Want

  16. Madeline Mary

  17. Ease Down the Road

About this product

Howl along with the Prince of the Palace and his court of minstrels as they serenade audiences across (the lower half of) the U.S. Bonnie is all about pleasure, whether it's his or yours. In this case, it's both.