Bonnie "Prince" Billy

The b-sides for Time To Be Clear


Drag City/Palace Records
Catalog #
DC515 /PR51
7" EP $10.00
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All Tracks

  1. Time To Be Clear (download-only) 4:03

  2. Whipped 4:51

  3. Out of Mind 4:29

About this product

Wanna get whipped-out-of-mind? Here's your one stop an' shop for both sides of that pervy-yet-exquisite suggestion. Purchasers of the digital single get, hm, a bonus? In that their e-single includes the true A-side of this single of B-sides, "Time To Be Clear," cut out of the heart of Wolfroy Goes to Town and placed on the shoulders of this short-player. If WGTT is too rich a meal for your bloods, then this little nibble will likely send you back for another course. In our old world of real things that you can touch and spin, the vinyl single asks you to recall the taste of "Time To Be Clear" without actually hearing it on the platter — there isn't enough room to reproduce all three songs with fidelity. And with the Bonny Prince, fidelity is an important conceit. And thus — the B-sides!

"Whipped" is the A-side of the B-sides, a delicately-coiffed ballad not far removed from the dolorous blues of Wolfroy Goes to Town, but with a centerpiece that rises fortress-of-solitude-like from the ice with the grandness and majesty that befits a Bonny Prince. The flip is a delicious toss at B-side-to-end-all-B-sides status: a sweet splinter of winking honkytonk called "Out Of Mind," with plenty of opportunities to sing along, tear in beer as boots scoot along the hardwood. The sounds on both sides of the vinyl are exemplary: single of the year? Knowing our royal he, it's a single of the year, among many-many-many.