Alasdair Roberts og Völvur

The Old Fabled River


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All Tracks

  1. Hymn of Welcome 6:03

  2. Orison of Union 3:30

  3. Nu rinner solen opp 7:26

  4. Song Composed in August 4:00

  5. The Green Chapel 4:29

  6. The Tender Hour 5:31

  7. Sweet William's Ghost 6:13

  8. Nu solen går ned 4:30

About this product

A meetings of minds and cultures well-suited to the Alasdair Roberts’ syncretic fervor: responding to the invitation of Norwegian fiddler Hans Kjorstad, he found a group of musicians well-versed in folk, jazz and free-playing. Their diverse musics deeply inform this collection of Roberts’ originals and Scottish and Norwegian traditional song.