Alasdair Roberts

The Wyrd Meme


Drag City
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  1. The Hallucinator and the King of the Silver Ship of Time 7:29

  2. The Yarn Unraveller 4:37

  3. The Royal Road at the World's End 6:50

  4. Coral and Tar 3:28

About this product

With dizzying powers, Alasdair Roberts is reeling out tune after killer tune (and the odd reel), all scored to the beat of his own weird drym, and we love them/him/it. This EP a sidecar to the eight massive draughts on his antecessor LP release, Spoils; 22 minutes of pure aural Roberts, occasioned by the windfall of truly great Alasdair music in 2009. It might be hundreds of years before there's another year like that climb aboard!