Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts



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  1. Mìle Marbhphaisg air a’ Ghaol 3:39

  2. The Laird o' the Drum 6:16

  3. Làrach do Thacaidean 2:55

  4. Never Wed An Old Man 2:18

  5. E Ho Leigein 3:39

  6. Fiullaigean 3:28

  7. Hion Dail-a Horo Hì 1:18

  8. The Tri-Coloured House 4:43

  9. Am Faca Sibh Lilidh Tha Mise Ri Lorg? 3:51

  10. Ailein Duinn 6:53

  11. The Whole House Is Singing 5:58

  12. Leanabh an Òir 4:00

About this product

Gaelic and Scottish tales told once upon a time and told today as well, but not just bards and storytellers, but by people - Gaelic-speaking citizens of the world in general and Scotland specifically. Speaking and singing for them here are Isle of Lewis native Mairi Morrison and lowland favorite Alasdair Roberts, aided by a slew of Glasgow luminaries, two original tunes from Roberts and Morrison, and the devotion of Ceol's Craic. Understand? Urstan!