Drag City
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  1. Opening 3:13

  2. Forgetting 2:31

  3. Passengers 2:22

  4. Ice 2:12

  5. It's Understanding 2:45

  6. Out and Around 2:20

  7. Something That Happened 8:50

  8. Finale 1:51

  9. Closing 4:07

About this product

Turns out there's eight vignettes in a Year — adjust your calendars! It's a short-and-sweet annum this time out, crooned and pounded from the broad mouth and avant key stroking of the the ageless and timeless AZITA. This Year, she pops in and out, up and down, making a colorful assortment of Harry-esque tunes you could almost act to, and some almost did. Also good for moments of body-sculpture (and body painting), cafe and cigarettes, and yeah, listening too. Sing along!