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April 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
4/28/17 Death Abril Pro Rock Festival 2017 Recife Brazil
4/28/17 The Cairo Gang Zebulon Los Angeles CA

w/ Ashley Shadow & Pink Mountaintops

4/28/17– 4/29/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Camp Krem Boulder Creek CA

Do It Ourselves Fest

4/28/17 Purling Hiss Baby's All Right Brooklyn NY

Solo, w/ Psychic Ills

4/29/17 Laetitia Sadier Motoki Cologne Germany
4/30/17 Faun Fables Gundlach-Bundschu Winery Sonoma CA

w/ Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

4/30/17 Neil Hamburger The Satellite Los Angeles CA
4/30/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Gundlach-Bundschu Winery Sonoma CA

w/ Faun Fables and Ashley Shadow

May 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
5/1/17 Laetitia Sadier Kulturpalast Linden Hannover Germany
5/1/17 Sir Richard Bishop Gold Lion Arts Sacramento CA
5/1/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Ashland OR

7pm show w/ Ashley Shadow.

5/2/17 Laetitia Sadier Kantine am Berghain Berlin Germany
5/2/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Lost Church San Francisco CA
5/2/17 Axis: Sova Empty Bottle Chicago IL

w/ Acid Mothers Temple

5/3/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Portland Center for Performing Arts Portland OR

w/ Eighth Blackbird Ensemble

5/3/17 The Cairo Gang Bootleg Theater Los Angeles CA

w/ Lael Neale

5/3/17 Laetitia Sadier Nachtasyl Hamburg Germany
5/4/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Neptune Theatre Seattle WA

w/ Eighth Blackbird Ensemble

5/4/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom
5/4/17 Sir Richard Bishop Bootleg Theater Los Angeles CA

w/ Robert Millis

5/4/17 Laetitia Sadier Merlin Stuttgart Germany
5/5/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom
5/5/17 Laetitia Sadier Worm Rotterdam Netherlands
5/5/17 Sir Richard Bishop 191 Toole Tuscon AZ

w/ Robert Millis

5/6/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom

Evening Show

5/6/17 Laetitia Sadier Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
5/6/17 Bonnie "Prince" Billy Baldwin Auditorium Durham NC

w/ Eighth Blackbird Ensemble

5/6/17 Ty Segall Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown CA
5/6/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom

Matinee Show

5/7/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom

Evening Show

5/7/17 Bill Callahan Hoxton Hall London United Kingdom

Matinee Show

5/7/17 Laetitia Sadier Labbokube Brussels Belgium
5/8/17 Ty Segall Sister Albuquerque NM
5/8/17 Sir Richard Bishop Hotel Vegas Austin TX

w/ Robert Millis

5/9/17 Laetitia Sadier Le Biplan Lille France
5/9/17 Sir Richard Bishop Siberia New Orleans LA

w/ Robert Millis

5/10/17 John Mulaney State Theatre Portland ME
5/10/17 Neil Hamburger Lincoln Hall Chicago IL
5/10/17 Ty Segall Cain's Ballroom Tulsa OK
5/10/17 Sir Richard Bishop Syndicate Lounge Birmingham AL

w/ Robert Millis

5/11/17 Laetitia Sadier L'Espace B Paris France
5/11/17 Ty Segall Irving Theater Indianapolis IN
5/11/17 John Mulaney Rebecca Cohn Auditorium Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
5/11/17 Sir Richard Bishop The High Watt Nashville TN

w/ Robert Millis

5/11/17 Neil Hamburger The Mill Iowa City IA
5/12/17 Laetitia Sadier Le Lieu Unique Nantes France
5/12/17 John Mulaney National Arts Centre Southam Hall Ottawa Ontario Canada
5/12/17 Neil Hamburger Turf Club St. Paul MN
5/13/17 John Mulaney Cornell University Ithaca NY
5/13/17 The Peacers Red Museum Sacramento CA

w/ Ganglians

5/13/17 Laetitia Sadier Le Manege Lorient France
5/13/17 Royal Trux El Club Detroit MI

w/ Negative Approach

5/13/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Mothlight Asheville NC

w/ Robert Millis

5/13/17 Bill MacKay Company Brewing Milwaukee WI

Psychfest 5

5/13/17 Ty Segall Metro Chicago IL
5/13/17 Neil Hamburger Club Garibaldi's Milwaukee WI
5/14/17 Laetitia Sadier Festival MV Dijon France
5/14/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Camel Richmond VA

w/ Robert Millis

5/14/17 Ty Segall Thalia Hall Chicago IL
5/15/17 Neil Hamburger Star Theater Portland OR
5/15/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Ottobar Baltimore MD

w/ Robert Millis

5/16/17 Sir Richard Bishop First Unitarian Side Chapel Philadephia PA

w/ Robert Millis

5/17/17 Laetitia Sadier Bains Douches Besancon France
5/17/17 Ty Segall Warsaw Brooklyn NY
5/17/17 Neil Hamburger The Bartlett Spokane WA
5/17/17 Purling Hiss Warsaw Brooklyn NY

w/ Ty Segall

5/17/17 Sir Richard Bishop Park Church Co-op Brooklyn NY

w/ Robert Millis

5/18/17 Ty Segall Warsaw Brooklyn NY
5/18/17 Sir Richard Bishop Flywheel Easthampton MA

w/ Robert Millis

5/18/17 Purling Hiss Warsaw Brooklyn NY

w/ Ty Segall

5/18/17 Laetitia Sadier Sonic Lyon France
5/19/17– 5/21/17 The Peacers Fernwood Resort Big Sur CA


5/19/17 Ty Segall Warsaw Brooklyn NY
5/19/17 Wand La Rodia Besancon France
5/19/17 Laetitia Sadier Neubad Club Luzern Switzerland
5/19/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Dock Ithaca NY
5/19/17 Bill MacKay Hungry Brain Chicago IL

w/ Katinka Kleijn and Marc Riordan

5/19/17 John Mulaney El Rey Theatre Los Angeles CA
5/20/17 Ty Segall Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia PA
5/20/17 Sir Richard Bishop Array Music Toronto Ontario Canada

w/ Robert Millis

5/20/17 John Mulaney Talking Stick Casino Showroom Scottsdale AZ
5/20/17 Wand Le Port Franc Sion Switzerland
5/20/17 Purling Hiss The Trocadero Philadelphia PA

w/ Ty Segall

5/21/17 Ty Segall Mr. Smalls Pittsburgh PA
5/21/17 Purling Hiss Chameleon Club Lancaster PA

Solo, w/ Cloud Nothings

5/21/17 Sir Richard Bishop El Club Detroit MI

w/ Robert Millis

5/21/17 Wand Le Romandie Lausanne Switzerland
5/21/17 John Mulaney The Aztec Theater San Antonio TX
5/22/17 Laetitia Sadier Bodega Nottingham United Kingdom
5/22/17 Ty Segall Headliner's Music Hall Louisville KY
5/22/17 Sir Richard Bishop Schuba's Tavern Chicago IL

w/ Robert Millis

5/23/17 Masaki Batoh Showboat Tokyo Japan

w/ Masami Kawaguchi New Rock Syndicate, Reizen

5/23/17 Laetitia Sadier The Musician Leicester United Kingdom
5/23/17 Sir Richard Bishop 7th Street Entry Minneapolis MN

w/ Robert Millis

5/23/17 Wand Cairo Wuerzburg Germany
5/24/17 Wand Scheune Dresden Germany
5/24/17 Laetitia Sadier The Junction 2 Cambridge United Kingdom
5/25/17 Ty Segall Mercy Lounge Nashville TN
5/25/17 Wand Nuits Sonores Festival@Marche Gare Lyon France
5/25/17 Laetitia Sadier Shop Front Theatre Coventry United Kingdom
5/26/17 Royal Trux Villette Sonique Paris France
5/26/17 Laetitia Sadier The Continental Pub Preston United Kingdom
5/26/17 Wand Immergut Festival Neustrelitz Germany
5/26/17 Ty Segall One Eyed Jack's New Orleans LA
5/26/17 Sir Richard Bishop The Bartlett Spokane WA

w/ Robert Millis

5/27/17 Laetitia Sadier South Street Arts Centre Reading United Kingdom
5/27/17 Wand Meet Factory Prague Czech Republic
5/27/17 Sir Richard Bishop Sunset Tavern Seattle WA

w/ Robert Millis

5/27/17 Ty Segall Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheatre Austin TX
5/28/17 Ty Segall Neon Desert El Paso TX
5/28/17 Purling Hiss Victoria Warehouse Manchester United Kingdom

Transformer Festival w/ Royal Trux

5/28/17 Royal Trux Victoria Warehouse Manchester United Kingdom
5/29/17 Royal Trux The Art School Glasgow United Kingdom
5/29/17 Ty Segall The Pressroom Phoenix AZ
5/29/17– 5/31/17 Bill Callahan Howler Melbourne Australia
5/29/17 Purling Hiss The Art School Glasgow United Kingdom

w/ Royal Trux

5/30/17 Purling Hiss Marble Factory Bristol United Kingdom

w/ Royal Trux

5/30/17 Royal Trux Marble Factory Bristol United Kingdom
5/30/17 Wand Le Fuzz’Yon La Roche Sur Yon France
5/31/17 Royal Trux Concorde 2 Brighton United Kingdom
5/31/17 Wand La Nef Angoulême France
5/31/17 Laetitia Sadier Oval Space London United Kingdom
5/31/17 Purling Hiss Concorde 2 Brighton United Kingdom

w/ Royal Trux

June 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
6/1/17 Purling Hiss Electric Ballroom London United Kingdom

w/ Royal Trux

6/1/17 Wand Boardriders Shop Anglet France
6/1/17 John Mulaney MacEwan Hall Calgary Alberta Canada
6/1/17 Royal Trux Electric Ballroom London United Kingdom
6/2/17 Purling Hiss Thousand Island London United Kingdom
6/2/17– 6/3/17 Bill Callahan Vivid Sydney Australia
6/2/17 John Mulaney Citadel Theatre Endmonton Alberta Canada
6/2/17– 6/4/17 Ty Segall Colossal Clusterfest San Francisco CA
6/2/17 Wand Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona Spain
6/3/17 John Mulaney Burton Theatre Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
6/3/17 Royal Trux Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona Spain
6/4/17 Cory Hanson Chapelle Fontfeyne St. Frion France

Solo acoustic show

6/4/17 Purling Hiss Supersonic Club Paris France

Free show!

6/5/17 Royal Trux Paard Van Troje The Hague Netherlands
6/6/17 Purling Hiss Im Wizemann Stuttgart Germany

w/ Dinosaur Jr.

6/6/17 Royal Trux Blue Shell Cologne Germany
6/7/17 Wand La Petite Maison rouge Felletin France
6/7/17 Royal Trux Dok Gent Belgium
6/7/17 Purling Hiss V11 Rotterdam Netherlands
6/7/17 The Peacers La Dynamo Nantes France
6/8/17 Purling Hiss Het Bos Antwerp Belgium
6/8/17 The Peacers L'Olympic Café Paris France
6/8/17– 6/11/17 Laetitia Sadier Northside Festival Brooklyn NY
6/9/17 Purling Hiss Scheune Dresden Germany
6/9/17 The Peacers Le Galion Lorient France
6/9/17 Royal Trux NOS Primavera Sound Festival Porto Portugal
6/10/17 Purling Hiss Stengade Copenhagen Denmark
6/10/17 The Peacers This Is Not A Love Song Festival Nimes France
6/10/17 Wand NOS Primavera Sound Festival Porto Portugal
6/10/17 Faun Fables The Press Claremont CA
6/11/17 The Peacers BT59 Bordeaux France

w/ Thee Oh Sees

6/11/17 Royal Trux This Is Not A Love Song Festival Nimes France
6/11/17 Purling Hiss Pustervik Gothenburg Sweden
6/12/17 Purling Hiss Grosse Freiheit 36 Hamburg Germany

w/ Dinosaur Jr.

6/13/17 Purling Hiss Zeche Bochum Germany

w/ Dinosaur Jr.

6/14/17 Purling Hiss Vera Groningen Netherlands
6/14/17 The Peacers Academy Manchester United Kingdom

w/ Thee Oh Sees

6/14/17 John Mulaney Orange Peel Asheville NC
6/15/17 Purling Hiss Schlachthof Bremen Germany

w/ Dinosaur Jr.

6/15/17 The Peacers The Mezz Dublin United Kingdom
6/15/17 John Mulaney Bijou Theatre Knoxville TN
6/16/17 The Peacers Broadcast Glasgow United Kingdom
6/16/17 Purling Hiss ACUD Berlin Germany
6/16/17 John Mulaney Cone Denim Entertainment Center Greensboro NC
6/16/17 Wand B Sides Festival Luzern Switzerland
6/17/17 Wand Freak Valley Festival Netphen Germany
6/17/17 Purling Hiss Kabinet Muz Brno Czech Republic
6/17/17 John Mulaney The Attucks Theatre Norfolk VA
6/17/17 The Peacers The Cluny Newcastle-Upon-Tyne United Kingdom
6/18/17 The Peacers Brudenell Social Club Leeds United Kingdom
6/18/17 John Mulaney Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Baltimore MD
6/18/17 Wand Maifeld Derby Festival Mannheim Germany
6/18/17 Purling Hiss Underdogs Ballroom Prague Czech Republic
6/19/17 The Peacers The Hope and Ruin Brighton United Kingdom
6/19/17 Faun Fables State Street Pub Indianapolis IN
6/20/17 The Peacers Shacklewell Arms London United Kingdom
6/20/17 Wand Dok Gent Belgium
6/21/17 Wand Rotown Rotterdam Netherlands
6/21/17 The Silence Club Doctor Tokyo Ogikubo Japan
6/22/17 John Mulaney Rococo Theater Lincoln NE
6/22/17 Wand Paradiso Noord Amsterdam Netherlands
6/22/17 David Grubbs Romantso Athens Greece

Solo w/ Charles Curtis and Anthony Burr

6/23/17 John Mulaney Hoyt Sherman Theater Des Moines IA
6/23/17 Wand Down The Rabbit Hole Beuningen Netherlands
6/24/17 Faun Fables Driftless Books and Music Viroqua WI
6/24/17 John Mulaney Gilloz Theater Springfield MO
6/25/17 David Grubbs Extrapool Nijmegen Netherlands

Solo performance, Reading and Masterclass

6/25/17 Faun Fables The Lift Dubuque IA
6/25/17 Masaki Batoh Super Deluxe Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Flashback PSF Anniversary Live

6/25/17 Alasdair Roberts Leigh Folk Festival Leigh-On-Sea United Kingdom

July 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
7/13/17 John Mulaney The Grove Anaheim CA
7/14/17 John Mulaney Uptown Theatre Napa Napa CA
7/15/17 John Mulaney Harrah's Lake Tahoe Stateline NV
7/20/17 John Mulaney The Capitol Theatre Portchester NY
7/21/17– 7/23/17 Ty Segall FYF Fest Los Angeles CA
7/21/17 John Mulaney Sands Casino Bethelhem PA
7/22/17 John Mulaney Borgata Casino Atlantic NJ
7/23/17 John Mulaney Grand Opera House Copeland Hall Wilmington DE
7/25/17 John Mulaney Count Basie Theatre Red Bank NJ
7/26/17 John Mulaney The Paramount Huntington NY
7/27/17 John Mulaney The Egg Albany NY
7/28/17 John Mulaney Flynn Center for the Performing Arts Burlington VT
7/29/17 John Mulaney Olympia de Montreal Montreal Quebec Canada

August 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
8/3/17 Ty Segall The Vogue Theatre Vancouver British Columbia Canada
8/3/17– 8/6/17 Ty Segall Pickathon Happy Valley OR
8/3/17 Royal Trux Tavastia Helsinki Finland
8/5/17 Royal Trux Off Festival Katowice Poland
8/9/17– 8/12/17 Laetitia Sadier Georgia Theatre Athens GA

Athens Pop Fest

8/17/17 Ty Segall Pukkelpop Festival Hasselt Belgium
8/18/17 Ty Segall Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen Netherlands
8/19/17 Alasdair Roberts Green Man Festival Brecon Beacons United Kingdom
8/19/17 Ty Segall Festival Paredes de Coura Paredes de Coura Portugal
8/20/17 Alasdair Roberts Moselely Folk Festival Birmingham United Kingdom
8/20/17 Ty Segall La Route du Rock Festival Saint Malo France
8/22/17– 9/2/17 Neil Hamburger Soho Theatre London United Kingdom

w/ Tim Heidecker

8/23/17 Ty Segall Den Graa Hal Copenhagan Denmark
8/24/17 Ty Segall Astra Kulturhaus Berlin Germany
8/25/17 Ty Segall Le Cabaret Vert Charleville Mezieres France
8/27/17 Ty Segall Rock En Seine Paris France
8/29/17 Ty Segall Atabal Biarritz France
8/30/17 Ty Segall Le Bikini (Bikini Fest) Toulouse France
8/31/17 Ty Segall Ebrovision Festival Miranda De Ebro Spain
8/31/17– 9/3/17 Bill Callahan End Of The Road Festival Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset United Kingdom

September 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
9/1/17 Ty Segall The Coronet London United Kingdom
9/2/17 Ty Segall End Of The Road Festival Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset United Kingdom
9/20/17– 9/23/17 Laetitia Sadier Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia Liverpool United Kingdom

October 2017

Date Artist Venue Location Details
10/28/17– 10/29/17 OM Rams Head Live Baltimore MD

Days of Darkness Festival