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posted May 27th, 2020

From the archive to the people in a time of need: the clear, clean (and, yes, sometimes verbed-up and distorto) signals of a sound in its birth throes! Behold: Sic Alps' Disc Rats Vol 1. Written, performed and recorded to 4 track cassette in 2006-2007, Disc Rats presents the demos for eleven fan faves from the subsequent genre-busting releases that scored Sic Alps their  infamy: U.S. EZ, "Description of  The Harbor", "Strawberry Guillotine",  "L. Mansion" and A Long Way Around To A Shortcut. 

Before the production revolutions of the band versions have set in, baby Mike Donovan's... (read more)

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posted May 21st, 2020

Come June 12th, it's a Box of Chocolates for everyone! Ya see, that's the release date of Fearful Symmetry, the lone Box Of Chocolates album that we're grateful to gift to the world's sweet teeth (and everyone with a sense of taste!). Back in the day, Box of Chocolates baked the cake and ate it too, as only made possible within the freewheeling dawn of the 1990s. With Fearful Symmetry's reintroduction imminent, BoC come into clear focus with "The Writhe", a frantic new-wave funker that's a... (read more)

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posted May 18th, 2020

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone, a new No Age jammer came out today! Procured from their bottomless bag of punk rock licks, "Head Sport Full Face" is excitement personified - you know, like a melodic knife in the eye, followed by a joyous trip to the emergency room to receive ecstatic stickers. Here, Dean and Randy carve a raw sketch into their hardened table-top of dense sound, showing their roots continue to evolve into whatever they can imagine - as long as it rocks... (read more)

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posted May 14th, 2020

Notoriously out of step with the salad days of DC's hardcore movement of the early 80s, Maryland's No Trend burst on the scene with a uniquely nihilistic sound that was unmistakably their own.

"For The Fun Of It All," from No Trend's 1983 masterpiece, Too Many Humans, has all their defining elements - lyrics both sarcastic and desperate, nauseous waves of guitar distortion, and a cool, rolling rhythm section. Provocative... (read more)

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