Cosmic Invention

Help Your Satori Mind


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All Tracks

  1. Help Your Satori Mind 5:28

  2. Blue Link / Sky Was Falling 6:28

  3. Lao Shorai 7:45

  4. Ryujin 13:30

  5. Baby Callin' Me Home 7:22

  6. Cosmic Green 19:50

  7. Long Jamming (unreleased) 21:53

About this product

Side project from the golden era of Masaki Batoh's Ghost! Instead of the spirituality-infused temple-raiding of the mother band, Cosmic Invention sought to play — loud and hard — in the spirit of their youthful inspirations. Enter Michio Kurihara, with his otherworldly Cippolina-channeling leads — and a storming rock band, whose subsequent incarnation as Ghost shocked the US in ’97. Bonus jam included on this first-ever vinyl manifestation!

CD version is original stock from 1997 on Now Sounds.