How Will You?


Drag City
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  1. I'm Happy 4:40

  2. How Will You? 6:42

  3. Away 5:17

  4. Laughter Again 4:42

  5. Things Gone Wrong 3:46

  6. Come William 7:00

  7. Lullbye 5:27

  8. You Really Knew How To Turn It On (But It's Off Now) 7:26

  9. Scylla and Charybdis 4:52

About this product

Chicago's boss of the keys returns with an album of musings and implications, but no solid answers. She can string together a melody like no other and that talent is put to great use on these slippery songs. Just when you've got a real grasp, you wake up on the ground 30 seconds later with a head wound.