Sean O'Hagan

Radum Calls, Radum Calls


Drag City
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  1. Candy Clock 2:57

  2. Better Lull Bear 3:19

  3. I Am Here 2:44

  4. The Paykan (Laili's Song) 2:43

  5. McCardle Brown 3:49

  6. Clearing House 2:33

  7. On a Lonely Day (Ding, Dong) 3:58

  8. Spoken Gem 4:24

  9. Sancto Electrical 1:27

  10. Take My Steps (Nora Bramms) 3:19

  11. Radum Calls 3:35

  12. Calling, Sending 2:08

About this product

Sean's second solo album in 30 years reflects the bold new sounds of today embedded in the plush sound-world he's built for The High Llamas, Stereolab and many others – thick low end synths under light orchestra strings, dubby percussion atop bossa-nova beats and rumbling drum sounds driving Sean's tounge-in-cheek ditties. Guest vocals from former Microdisney partner, vocalist Cathal Coughlan add to the surreal bloom of Sean’s new musical conception.