Sir Richard Bishop

The Freak of Araby


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  1. Taqasim for Omar 7:16

  2. Enta Omri 2:45

  3. Barbary 2:20

  4. Solenzara 5:01

  5. The Pillars of Baalbek 5:18

  6. Kaddak el Mayass 3:26

  7. Essaouira 2:21

  8. Ka'an Azzaman 2:51

  9. Sidi Mansour 6:03

  10. Blood-Stained Sands 7:30

About this product

Sir Richard Bishop and his transcendental guitar are at it again. Playing homage to a guitar hero of his youth, Omar Khorshid, The Freak of Araby is perhaps Bishop's most linear work, focusing on a specific traditional music that dates back to ancient times as well as to Sir Richard's own Lebanese heritage. The ten tunes here are a mixed bunch- some of them "new" and some stolen from the rich burial grounds of traditional Middle Eastern melodies. No matter what their age, they're up and shaking in the hands of Sir Bish and his Freak of Araby Ensemble.