Six Organs of Admittance

Time is Glass


Drag City
To Be Released
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All Tracks

  1. The Mission 2:33

  2. Hephaestus 3:41

  3. Slip Away 5:15

  4. Pilar 2:01

  5. Theophany Song 5:05

  6. My Familiar 3:28

  7. Spinning in a River 6:50

  8. Summer's Last Rays 6:51

  9. New Year's Song 2:44

About this product

Once again, Six Organs of Admittance showcases the intricate tangle of fingers on the fretboard and flash of lens flare slicing the air, as the future arcs 360 degrees around to become a part of the past as well. Oscillations in this glass bowl ripple outward eternally, but are rooted on the ground where all the creatures are moving and communing; humans too. An intimate cosmic expression, file under: rural-industrial psych, ecosystem goth.