Shackleton & Six Organs of Admittance

Jinxed by Being


Drag City
To Be Released
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  1. The Voice and the Pulse 8:16

  2. Open Your Heart 9:13

  3. The Grip of the Flesh 9:48

  4. Stages of Capitulation 7:13

  5. The Sign of the Dove 10:51

  6. Electrical Storm 7:44

  7. Spring Will Return / Oliver's Letter 7:43

About this product

In full aural/metaphysical alignment, Shackleton’s bass heavy cosmic dread and Six Organs’ ritual folksong revel and delight in their massed collage as they become Jinxed By Being. Unfolding small details into a massive space, and then into further lines of dimensional space, they transit at will through our hemispheres with enervating motility, reearranging the definitions of our psychedelic/ritual/transcendental music libraries.