Alasdair Roberts

Too Long In This Condition


Drag City
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  1. The Daemon Lover 4:43

  2. Young Emily 2:24

  3. Long Lankin 5:05

  4. The Two Sisters 5:35

  5. Little Sir Hugh 5:26

  6. Kilmahog Saturday Afternoon 1:28

  7. The Golden Vanity 4:03

  8. The Burning of Auchindoun 3:22

  9. The Lover's Ghost 4:29

  10. What Put the Blood On Your Right Shoulder, Son? 5:44

  11. Barbara Allen 5:29

About this product


Grave robber Roberts circles the elders with suspicion, fascination and adoration. Too Long In This Condition? Not half long enough! We're betting that in another thousand years, the sky-creatures that inherit our burnt orb'll be taking these tunes and singing them in their own throatless style, seeking to crack the codices and unravel the mystery of men.