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The Drag City Newsletter October 20, 2009

posted October 20th, 2009


Another month has passed in this crazy new millennium of ours – and it’s like a drop in the bucket for all of us on the cutting edge of new music production. Month? Try a year. Fall again? No problem. Like clockwork, we’ve assembled an excess of aural (and in one infamous case, auri/oral-visual ) d’lights to get you through the Big Three (Halloween, (T)Hanksgiving and Hkwanzuka, take your fookin’ pick) and into the world beyond. At which point,... (read more)


Special G-Rated Offer for X-Rated Mail-order customers only.

posted October 16th, 2009

Has Final Flesh creamed your demon yet? Of course not, the film isn’t even out yet, stupid! But all that can change as long as you’re one of the first five lucky customers to purchase the Final Flesh DVD that comes out Nov. 17.

Here’s the deal: order the Final Flesh DVD from this here website, and that automatically enters you to win a grab bag of items chosen by the writer/director/producer/anarchrist, Vernon Chatman! Let me tell you, these items are priceless, not to mention... (read more)