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THIS IS THE END (the Dope Body concert movie TITLED "The End" - not the actual, literal end of anything, okay?)

posted December 18th, 2020

Now that they're back, they're back to swinging in front of the charge! Dope Body's relentless rock futurism has reignited their catalog in the past year with not just one but two new releases, the LP-and-digital Crack a Light and it's digital-only predecessor, Home Body. With these releases, Dope Body has come all the way back around to their experimental genesis, while continuing to evolve the identity that they've been growing ever since.

In the past decade, the ... (read more)

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posted December 18th, 2020

Listening back to this year's Gold Record, is a sentimental journey; once again, one hears the intuitive coming together forming richly behind Bill Callahan's titanic voice. Across the stereo spectrum, the gentle conversation of Bill and Matt’s guitars, the subtle percussion of bass and drums, striking notes both decorous and discordant, like the naturally occurring sound meant to accompany and express lives lived everywhere.

A fitting addition to Bill's encompassing vision of our lives together and apart... (read more)

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posted December 9th, 2020

It's a holiday miracle! While exhuming the dDeath vaults, the band came across an incredible gift: a full, concert length video documentation of their 2014 performance in Paris, France. Over an hour long, the performance (captured by Oleo Films TVM-Cineplume for avec la participation de France Televisions) is like having a personalized, one of kind live show beamed directly to the screen of your choice! A concert you can go to without changing out of your pajamas, can you imagine that?

Bobby Hackney writes:
... (read more)

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posted December 9th, 2020

The bestial duo of the Superwolves: Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy reveal a video for “Make Worry For Me,” directed by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe and filmed at A Cell in The Smile, Freeman and Lowe’s architectonic sculpture.

Freeman and Lowe are renowned for immersive architectural exhibits that explore a subverted dystopian reality. Their installations have shown internationally for over a decade. A Cell in The Smile is a 5,000 square foot bunker that sits 27 feet underground in an undisclosed location... (read more)

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posted December 8th, 2020

Seven years and a handful of lifetimes ago, New Bums came out of nowhere with their debut album, Voices In a Rented Room – a record the New York Times described as “feeling like it’s falling apart.” New Bums took this as a compliment, and thus emboldened, they toured relentlessly in support of the release: criss-crossing the USA in the spring of 2014, with a European run that summer. Then, silence descended, as the Bums withdrew to the place from which they’d mysteriously emerged -... (read more)

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posted December 1st, 2020

“I’ve been driving through the darkness…through the smoke and fire on the ground”

Lingering at the remains of a campfire before dawn, with the politics of the personal burnt into ash, running his stick through what’s left, Wand singer/guitarist Cory Hanson is reflecting on moments of stepping further into himself, finding the ultimate big sky country on the inside of his skull. It’s a combination of songs and sounds that journey through bleak and broken territory and places of sweet, lush remove and it adds... (read more)

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