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posted August 30th, 2012

What is Trin Tran? Like a schizoid game of Pong, exploiting the tempo and the sounds – these ano/digital shards, iced with minimal/savant lyric shreds and crazed to the groove(s), could hail from Munich in ’77 or Cleveland, SF, LA, NYC or London in the late 70s. It could be from some weird dark corner of the early 80s…but fuck, it could be today too! And while today is indeed today, we're talking about Trin Tran, and these sounds were crazily made in... (read more)

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posted August 28th, 2012

Coming soon to your local London dungeon, catacombs of Paris et al - it's the motorized machine fucks called CAVE, having fun fun fun on the European roadways this coming season. Jammed in a van with with their gear and a beer can (it's legal over there!) in each hand (this too!), the NEVERENDLESS tour is finally fit for Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Belgian and even Swiss ears and eyes. And noses! Can the CAVE band compete with Europe's au natural sensibilities? We find... (read more)

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posted August 27th, 2012

An' wot's a video, anyway? Does it embody the song or the does the song embody the video? Does it merely compliment the sound, or does tha visual describe the literal up-and-down of the words-n-music play? "Glyphs" may be working on a tune, or perhaps it's simply for people who took hippie showers. Or maybe it's about them? Wot's the burning effigy, is it representative of the ancient past? Who's the pretty boy and all his young dudes and the flag and drums and the... (read more)

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posted August 23rd, 2012

Now Here's My Plan is this summer's smashing Bonnie 'Prince' Billy mash-up of re-imagined tunes previously rattling barss around CBBPB (yes, that is Cell Block Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, thanks for askin') in various form n' fashion. But it's not the only Bonnie ball on the 2012 chain; naw, there's plenty to come, and part of a larger, long-distance lap back to Now Here's My Plan - cause, his hat's tippin' towards some lit-xcursions as the August embers fizzle. It's all just part of the... (read more)

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posted August 21st, 2012

Despite the radical resistance from some internet wack-jobs, Ascent from Six Organs of Admittance made it out to the streets today, in a big-ass way! Six Organs involved with some NWO-type shit? We don't think so! And neither do Six Organs fans, cause we've already had to repress that nearly extinct format called the compact disc due to the first pass selling through. Resuscitate, tangible digital! Don't worry, the production team here at Drag City has ensured that there's no stock gap; no, all... (read more)

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posted August 20th, 2012

Ancient Romans was a blast, but who likes living in the extreme past? Not us, and Sun Araw neither - so for their next move, we've made peace in our time, with The Inner Treaty. Hay man, The Inner Treaty is something like the 6th Sun Araw album amongst a triple-handful of Araw-related ephemera over the past minute of infinity, and it's the second one delivered via the divining rod of Drag City via Cameron Stallones' Sun Ark record label. You understand that... (read more)

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posted August 15th, 2012

What's it been, a few days since you last listened to False Flag, Rangda's debut guillotine-machine shred-fest? Does Rangda stalk your dreams, inducing night terrors that wake you repeatedly, merely giving you another opportunity to spin the LP like the addict you've become? Yeah, you're hooked now, just like we planned, and just in time for the new Rangda wares we're peddling! The full dose, called Formerly Extinct, won't be available to you until September 18th. But like a good dealer, we're... (read more)

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posted August 13th, 2012

BOOM! Like an echo from a desperate, war-torn future, Ty Segall’s latest cry of love crashes the party and detonates without warning on the drink-soaked dance floor. Female voices ricochet, deadpanning from ear to ear. Fuzzy thunders reels on high, thudding slam into your life-chest and rolling out the door. Like a quicksilver wire at the center, Ty’s voice seethes you as the unseen craft whirls closer. These are the bong-bursts of tomorrow, flown into our so-called “today” (for what is “time”?) as... (read more)

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posted August 8th, 2012

We love everything Six Organs has ever launched at us, and Ascent, coming out in less than two weeks, is no different - in fact, it's nothing short of our new favorite. The thing though about Six Organs is that we don't always know everything that's going on in that weird world...we might turn around and find some album that's come out on some other label, or a porno film soundtrack he's done. As tangential as that all is, then there's this video. To... (read more)

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posted August 8th, 2012

Apocalypse! First it was biblical - but in today's niche-ridden micro-society, it was inevitable that it came down to the realm of semi-everyday people at the least - and last year, Apocalypse. Songwriter and entertainer Bill Callahan made it all about him (or better yet - his "characters") on 2011's best-selling, award-winning album of the same name. Now, Apocalypse goes to the movies, with a special concert film that walks like a tour movie! A cinematiste by habit, Bill hung around the editing... (read more)

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