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Drag City Takes Over New York (and Louisiana) (and Delaware) (and Oakland)

posted March 31st, 2010

If you’re in Brooklyn, we envy you — for once! Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo gang kick off their tour on Friday and Death play a once-in-a-lifetime (or so you think) show at Europa! Not to worry though, both are in Brooklyn and you might be able to catch both shows, if you are capable of travelling the brief 1.5 miles between them....

4/2/10 Club Europa Brooklyn NY

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
4/1 Monster Island Basement — Brooklyn, NY — 8:00 PM
4/1 Monster... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter, March 30 2010

posted March 31st, 2010


It’s gone! We were so looking forward to our future, too! Somehow, the new day that was to promised everyone – it’s over! How can it be dark again already? When do we get to enjoy our today?

Oh…hello readers. Sorry you had to hear that little outburst. We’re usually pretty cool with time, but lately... well, we know we haven’t written lately. But that’s because nothing’s been going on, can you believe that?

You don’t believe that.... (read more)


Drag City — Coming to a Theatre Near You!

posted March 24th, 2010

Called many things (many true, some even positive!) and wearing many hats over the years (actually, once we got out of our “Cat In The Hat” phase we pretty much gave up trying), it’s possible that nothing to date has fit Drag City better and more appropriately than placing Harmony Korine’s new film TRASH HUMPERS into movie theaters across this filthy land of yours and ours. It’s not that different from booking a tour — and there’s a lot less gear involved.

TRASH HUMPERS... (read more)

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Have Jens On Me

posted March 24th, 2010

Jens Hannemann has been teaching, performing, recording, writing, and endlessly talking about his complicated drumming technique for over 30 years. He has performed in over 60 bands, and has written and recorded the drum parts for over 500 songs. As of late, he’s been conducting drum clinics at his current residence in his mother’s garden apartment. With his fluid schedule, Jens has been able to accept an invitation from Joanna Newsom, a longtime supporter of his technique (and on-again-off-again supporter of its creator) to... (read more)

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another missed connection?

posted March 22nd, 2010

I saw you riding in your red Sunbird and I knew that I had to have you. You were stopped on the corner of Brook and Breckenridge looking so cool. I was the girl with a 12-pack of “D” batteries and a bag of (recycled!) facial tissues, I asked you for a smoke and you smiled and said that the one you were smoking was your last, but I knew it wasn’t, that’s ok. Well if by any chance you read this I hope that... (read more)

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Magik Markers Prepare to Remake Their Mark on the East Coast

posted March 18th, 2010

The little duo that could (and did) (and have) (and will) (and really should) are now a trio again! As they prepare to embark on a fornight (I say!) of shows looping around in the Northeast, near-Northeast and Canada, Magik Markers Elisa Ambrogio & Pete Nolan are joined by bassist John Shaw — all the better to sludge you in electrical post-blues till yer socks fall back up again! Come witness the shearing power of the new trilogy that is Magik Markers. Go ahead... (read more)

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Bachelorette is beaming back into the Unaltered States!

posted March 11th, 2010

For a full month, she'll be rewiring the highways and binary ways across the cosmos we call America. She's warming the room for Beach House, mostly - which should provide a solid jolt to their fans from east to west. There's some solo Bachelorette shows as well, which'll allow for a few more songs from her Drag City release My Electric Family, as well as her two previous releases. You'll have to call loudly for your favorites though - Ms. Bachelorette's a shy and humble... (read more)