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posted November 15th, 2022

Meg Baird’s forthcoming long player, Furling, lives in the notion that whole universes of experience, enlightenment, elation, and ecstasy can bloom in every corner. And while it’s true that some songs on Furling grapple with humanity’s existential unknowns in stark terms, they primarily revel in the mysteries that hide in nature and humanity at their most ordinary.

The second single from Furling, “Star Hill Song,” out today, is a swooning mediation on romantic solidarity in emotionally trying times, by Meg and collaborator/partner/co-writer of... (read more)

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posted November 7th, 2022

Inspired by the underground, proto-punk sounds wafting in the late 1970s air and desperate to be heard, John Timmis created a character for himself: J.T. I.V. Born only to rock, this musical conception was a rabid personality crisis consisting of proselyte elitism and nihilistic excess. To a 70s wild-child like J.T., Brian Eno’s music cut through the noise like a switch-blade. So for this second taste of The Future, it's apt to share J.T.'s take on Eno's “The Fat Lady of... (read more)

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