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posted November 23rd, 2020

An apparition you can’t explain is cutting through the viscous mist in your brain. The contents of your pockets are suddenly unfamiliar. That sound again -

This year of super wolf moon brought A Visitation and the message, “You’ll Get Eaten, Too.” Now, in the earthly chaos of total celestial blackout, one body containing two galaxies is once more among us...

This is no miscount – this is the bestial duo, the two headed dawg, the Superwolves:  Matt Sweeney... (read more)

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posted November 19th, 2020

Nearly eight months into our collective isolation without a real gig in sight, what're ya gonna do? Dope Body have taken the relentless planning and prepping out of the equation in favor of a straight dopamine shot to the hypothalamus, in the form of the new video for "Known Unknown" depicting the communal energy of live Dope Body - shelter in place be damned!

The catharsis-inducing Crack A Light album closer gets a video treatment (courtesy of Dope collaborator Theo... (read more)

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posted November 17th, 2020

Just when you thought every loner folk genius had been outed/discovered, hyped, and pontificated about, a new/old challenger lurks in the murky depths of time...and Maine. Sure, you have your Skip Spences, Dave Bixbys, Stone Harbours, and Perry Leopolds already, but have you heard the lonesome sound of Bill Stone?

Well, don't feel too uncool, hardly anyone has--unless you lived in rural Maine in the early 70s and grabbed his barely-ever seen LP in the day. Titled simply StoneBill's mysterious album... (read more)

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posted November 9th, 2020

Stateless is an improvised guitar music record that's about more than just playing your way into somewhere new. It invites we the people to perceive the hair-raising truth: these are free pieces in more ways than one. Tashi's playing opens doors through which we can view the helplessness, confusion, rage and resolve of immigrant life in America today.

"Now, Part I" is guitar in space, orbiting our planet - the laser is not pointed outward, but back towards... (read more)

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posted November 6th, 2020

Round two from the dust-strewn cassettes in ye old Sic Alps archives, this time drawn from the latter stages of their comet-like trajectory. Sketches for material that landed on Napa AsylumSic Alps, the "She's on Top" EP, and assorted singles is all included here. The enigmatic smile through which the Alps songs are crooned, that key - levity - is oft swapped for brevity here, in the name of getting the thoughts down.  

But even... (read more)

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posted November 5th, 2020

As the story goes, in early 1976 Virgin released “Johnny’s Dead” as a single, and OUT went into production: test tapes were made, artwork commissioned from Hipgnosis was delivered. Then fate took a turn in the form of a sudden changing of the guard in the Virgin front office and just like that, the plan was off. But that was nearly 45 years ago!

“Johnny’s Dead” was the world’s first introduction to Anthony Moore’s pop music solo persona and it remains as one of... (read more)

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