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WAND ON THE RUN (Tour Report, Pt 1)

posted November 5th, 2015

To whom it may concern at Drag City Inc.

As required by our unwritten unspoken thoughtless and partially botched blood promise, which we MUST fulfill out of good faith, sweet love and general confusion, here is the 1st of 20 reports regarding our fall 2015 North American Tour. I hope the data your employees extract from our represented experience will elaborate the facts: L.I.F.E! and a storm of blackberries, showers of chrome-dunked blessings ten fold-- be sure to pack your thermal... (read more)

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posted November 5th, 2015

Bill Callahan is a giver of many things - song, words, drawings, life - and shows! Plus, the man has a way with treating the locals more like family than neighbors, too; so with all that deep rooted resentment comes bursts of unbridled love and random acts of kindness! And while giving and loving are rarely exclusive from each other, it ain't too often that they're combined so wonderfully as they will be this Friday, when ol' Bill takes the stage at The New Movement... (read more)

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posted November 4th, 2015

Melodiously receptive ears rejoice! The High Llamas, the best in the game at warmly wonderous pop song, arrangement and harmony, are set to return with a new album!

How'd it come about? While cycling around his home-district of Peckham (in southeast London) a few years ago, Sean O'Hagan decided that not only would the new High Llamas music be driven by narratives, a collection of stories, but they would first have to be performed as theatre; reshaped theatre, if you like, blending... (read more)

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