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posted November 29th, 2011

Alasdair Roberts: Scottish singer of traditional songs, deft composer in his own right, world touring performer, compilation compiler, and.... puppet-master!?!/? Indeed, Lorde Roberts continues to expand his CV with roguish flair. Alongside drum beater (and mate) Shane Connelly, Alasdair recently mounted an evenings-worth of music and puppetry at London's Cafe Oto, where the two presented a ciphered version of "Galoshins," a folk play traditionally central to Scotland that tackles themes of combat, death, and resurrection. You can check it out... (read more)

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posted November 28th, 2011

Holidays are here! And somewhere between the string of lights you're using to asphyxiate yourself to ex-tasty and your subtle degradation of mom’s turkey baster lies a record shopper at heart and in hand. Leave it to Drag City to give you everything you need without leaving your internet.

A winter-white spray of December releases are available for premature ordering right now from this very site!

Wilson Semiconductors from The Howling Hex!

The complete Groovy catalog- Pete Shelley, Sally Smmit and Her Musicians... (read more)

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posted November 21st, 2011

Believe it or not, it's actually been 3 years since Neil Hagerty and his Howling Hex (a hex is the plural of Hagerty types - like a pack of coyotes, see) graced us with a new border-sound music-only statement. Doesn't seem right, does it? Hell no. That's because it's dead wrong. Sure, Victory Chimp, A Book is a wild and unholy statement of it's own, but not of the trad LP format - we, like you, suffer severe withdrawal in these unfortunate 'tween-the-album times. Thankfully,... (read more)

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posted November 17th, 2011

We're all floaters in the middle of the mind of the universe that Mike Donovan and Co. create for us, did you know that? Electrodes, dormant sectors, and all. Like a sledgehammer to the skull, Sic Alps send little shards of bone fragment into our sensory-active vital organ, inducing involuntary convulsion in our bodies. A double LP and two 7"s this year nicely bludgeoned the frontal lobe into happy daze, but the kids ain't through; expect something similar, perhaps more impactful, in 2012. Meantime, Sic... (read more)

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posted November 15th, 2011

Winter takes form in mysterious ways; we like the way that involves music being played by, with, and for people. Like-mindedly, Scout Nibblet is on the same dang astral plane (we wouldn't have it any other way! We like sharing planes). The girl's got a rhythm of shows happening pert near the end of November and continuing on into the month of December, covering the whole West Coast. Coolly heeding the approaching solstice, Scout keeps it tightly wound by ending on the first day of... (read more)

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posted November 14th, 2011

Been just a few fortnights since the release of Seasons On Earth, Meg Baird's warm-all-over soundtrack to the fall, and November's just getting hotter! Last week, the Philli-citizen unleashed a new video for "The Finder" from Seasons On Earth, and next week she's off to Europe for some tourin'. The vid, beautifully shot by Naomi Yang, doubles as a PSA for outdoorsin', too: The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department advises, "Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts -- make blaze orange your... (read more)

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posted November 10th, 2011

Listen up, Los Angeles - you're the heartless soul of pool skating! Dragonslayer is so much like you, it's about you. The film, winner of numerous documentary awards this year, officially opens in theaters this Friday, November 11, at the Downtown Independent. You want early tix? We know you do. Go get 'em here. All you late night fucks should note: there's a bangin' after-party planned, complete with BEER. BANDS. And probably BONGS. There better be BONGS. Why wouldn't there be BONGS? Because... (read more)

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posted November 9th, 2011

Last month Wolfroy went to town. Did you hear it? Dare we ask for a physical description? Nah, Wolfroy looks like you - that’s how mahfucka sneaks ‘round. But we want to see it, like, see you as you see you.

Here’s the deal: You send us a self-portrait and we’ll pick the best ones, turn it into a special pink t-shirt and mail it back to you. And kind man that he is, Bonnie Prince Billy will sign a poster and send you a... (read more)

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posted November 8th, 2011

Fresh off multiple hometown shows celebrating the September release of her newest batch of jams, Disturbing The Air, AZITA's set to ditch Chicago for a little southern comfort - of the Italian variety! Yes, taking care of business is what AZITA does best (piano and LPs in tote), but rarely does she get to do it in other towns, let alone other hemispheres. Disturbing The Air is a slow burning pop record replete with choice experimentation; but fear not, amici, AZITA's... (read more)

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posted November 7th, 2011

Time's changed, brother, so Drag City's turned its clock back accordingly. Of course, in doing so we've only come to realize the dark days of winter are truly creeping up the ol' behind, a deep freeze near the back door. Alas, 200 Years provides an antidote to conquer (or enhance, given your preference) these early grey days both aurally and visually! 200 Years officially grace each-and-every-one of us with their debut, self-titled album tomorrow, November 8. In celebration, they've delivered a cake-like present in... (read more)

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