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posted February 11th, 2011

Here ye! Our friendly Sic Alps got their hands on a camera again, watch out! A super vid with super shots including super mysterious things being flinchingly thrown at a Super 8-ish camera lens, it's "The First White Man To Set Foot On California Soil," and it will shock you! Shock therapy from the dirty white walls of Napa Asylum. And check it out, Sic Alps are bringing their shocking bods direct to you coming up at the end of the February and through... (read more)



posted February 9th, 2011

If you're reading this from somewhere outside America, we're sorry - sometimes we lose perspective. We get swept up in the rush of excitement of all the activity close to home - but really, we're sailing the good ship Drag City all around the world! Every once in awhile an email or a photo or a bit of press reminds us that we're not just an American label, but one for the whole world. The latest such instance was this radio program from merrie old... (read more)

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Book Report

posted February 7th, 2011

Last we spoke of Bill Callahan, we told you he was off to Spoonbill & Sugertown in Brooklyn, NY, to read from his book, Letters To Emma Bowlcut. Like UFO sightings, what we once considered myth and delusional conjecture from certified crazies is now widely believed to be fact-based and true-- Bill Callahan not only wrote a book of fiction, he is reading from it in specially selected public places! If you thought we were just talking through our bowler and weren't sure that... (read more)

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posted February 4th, 2011

The Source Family Awarehouse at Drag City is alive with chanting, courtesy of a newly received disc the sacred and the profound from Father and the original Source Family (the original, mind you — not any of them knock-off Source brotherhoods that are popping up on every corner these days). Haven't you noticed? The Drag City family is all about family — the Bonny familiy, the Faun-y family and so forth. And we don't source it out, either — no, the true path to... (read more)

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Tripping In Spain

posted February 3rd, 2011

The Trip, as laid out by Laetitia Sadier, just keeps on a-trippin'! Our songstress is still on tour, and turning to Iberia, where she is set to open her suitcase in more cities that we thought Spain could possibly allow for such an excursion. We can't say whether you'll get to see her in a red cape or not, but she surely won't be fighting-- or taking-- any bull, so don't expect to be gored, weirdo! Nope, just expect to feel enraptured should you... (read more)

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When Bonny Met Kelly

posted February 1st, 2011

...R. Kelly, that is! In our heads, we imagine the summit between Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and R. Kelly as a very long night filled with Cristal, limos, hot tubs, at least one state line and loads of freaky ladies. Interview Magazine would have us believe that it didn't go down like that at all! The two singers sit together and muse philosophically about playing characters in song, conceptual parties, the influence of theatre on R.'s music, time-travel, the unknowability of the Id, and where it... (read more)

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Art Therapy, Trash Humped

posted January 28th, 2011

With all the garbage that regularly spews out of New York, you wouldn’t think painter Rita Ackermann would have to go all the way to Nashville for a trash fix. Then again, Harmony Korine does possess an extraordinary knowledge of refuse and the like. The two have teamed up for an installation at the Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York, currently on exhibit under the name Shadowfux and based on the same shapeshifter-pagentry as Korine’s film Trash Humpers. The installation aims to “stalk the... (read more)

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Menthol Mountain Man

posted January 27th, 2011

Menthol mountains, menthol mountains... Cigarette brand you've never heard of? Well, it is if you're into smoking the freshly rolled prose of David Berman. Silver dude's got a new blog to keep up with the times, and he's posting regularly-- as in multiple times a day-- which is news, even if you already knew. Because in this day and age, unless you've got a healthy adderol prescription or limited choices due to strict parental control on your computer (how old are you, anyway? Didn't the... (read more)

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If Not Yet, Then When?

posted January 26th, 2011

Been to our web store? Not yet? Well, start off at the Monotonix page, guy! Grunge-mongers Monotonix are at it again, touring onwards and forever, in support of their newly greased long player, Not Yet. If you have not yet purchased this record, you better, as they're moving almost as quickly as the beads of sweat shaking from singer Ami's naked balls. If you're lucky enough to be on the left coast this Friday, January 28th, you can catch them play with Ty... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter/January 25, 2011

posted January 25th, 2011


Happy Next Year! There’s nothing really new about a new year, you know — we have a randomness with these sorts of delineations in our human world, with borders and time zones drawn over the face of the planet and a calendar grid superimposed over the endless and unknowable march of time. And yet — and this is the magic of our all-pervasive human way of life — these seemingly meaningless designations do eventually create a “vibe,” if you will; a... (read more)