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posted June 4th, 2010

2010 has been a typically busy year for Neil Hamburger! At this point, if he kicks the bucket in his car, we won't be surprised - but we will be trying to get a sponsorship from the car company. Neil's got debts that go farther than his current list of tour dates! Anyway...in the wake of a reasonably sucessful series of shows that he MC'd for Faith No More, and an eqally OK tour with Pucifer, the gags continue as the man we hate... (read more)

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posted June 2nd, 2010

Hott on the heels of their Drag City debut, the deceptively dense Pure Moods EP, CAVE are taking their soaring jams and dance grooves across the U.S.-iverse in June, July and yes, August, spreading like sticky syrup from sea to defiled sea (and including a week in Canada (it's only fair)). It all kixx off with a record release party at Chicago's own The Hideout on June 4. That's right, Friday! What better day to get your CAVE on?!? If you can't find them in... (read more)

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