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posted January 13th, 2020

Fresh off the release of their live double 10", BBC Radio 1, OM are ready to rumble through Europe for the first time in the new decade! The record features two songs each from Advaitic Songs and God Is Good, ever evolving and laid down with a pristine quality you'd expect from a band in its prime! Deep, meditative rhythms and patterns stir the pot when OM cook up their bitch's brew, a recipe that continues into 2020 and beyond with their live... (read more)

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posted January 9th, 2020

Remember last year? Big things happened for Wand in 2019! With the release of their magnum opus, Laughing Matter, the band pursued a social democratic ideal of what Wand could become - and in the process, showed us what we could all be. Caught inextricably between personal and political, Laughing Matter felt and still feels like a band firing on a multitude of cylinders. For the majority of last year, the band did just that, with live shows around the world.

With so much... (read more)

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posted January 7th, 2020

At last! An astonishing new creature from the Six Organs sound-lab is ambulatory, and upon us! On Companion Rises, Ben Chasny mixes synths and digital processing techniques with spacey guitar folk to lift his signature song-craft further out, while bringing it strangely full circle at the same time. Exquisitely arrayed and rich with harmonic exploration, the album presents a handful of cosmic folk-tales whose theme can best be stated as "Stellar-Gnostic."

With "Haunted and Known", the second single from the forthcoming... (read more)

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posted January 6th, 2020

Hamerkop's forthcoming debut, Remote, is a fully immersive sonic experience with elements of electronica, pop and field recordings combining to a danceable, dazzling degree.

Consisting of Bachelorette's Annabel Alpers and drummer/engineer Adam Cooke, Hamerkop exudes equal parts romance and ennui. On "The Splendour That Was Rome", they synthesize disco, electro and kraut in an immaculate pop sensibility. A longing to share the good old days and sweet old world scenes with... (read more)

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