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posted May 14th, 2010

Good news! Since they keep finding people hiding in the theatre after every show of Trash Humpers at Cinema Village in New York this week, the suits are extending the run another week. That's right, you have until Thursday May 20th to get your fill (or your friends' full) of Trash Humpers. In case you haven't heard (and why would you have heard? you're nobody - but because you're on our list, yeah, we think enough of you to let you know. anyway -),... (read more)

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Trash Humpers are humping up to a theater near and dear to you!

posted May 4th, 2010

Harmony Korine’s lastest film -- Trash Humpers -- follows a gang of old-faced degenerates, wandering through the streets of a suburbia, fucking shit and fucking shit up. Korine conjures this perverse artifact with an abrasiveness that only shoorting on VHS tape can convey, with tracking issues, drop-outs and boxy, in-camera microphones crushing the sonic climate. n fact, Trash Humpers is a film that destroys the structure and content of anything conventional, which should be enough to satisfy you bastards. We predict (and hope) that it... (read more)

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Beauty & Truth

posted April 28th, 2010

L.A. folks, this Friday and Saturday is your last chance to check out Legacy IIX, the latest collection of doodles from Drag City's favorite visual artist collective PFFR. You might ask us, "Drag City, what's so special about these doodles? " Well, you common trash, aside from it being art...! It's also a deft interweaving of classic disposable American tele/visusalimagery (aka, common trash) with that elusive thing we call gallery-ready craft. And while you could probably achieve something of the same effect by visiting... (read more)

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On the Road and In Pictures

posted April 27th, 2010

in sum, a life in pictures. bonny and cairo take a self-titled trip around the usa, to show people what wonder can be....

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Want More Beef? We've Got Hamburger!

posted April 21st, 2010

Who says Neil Hamburger doesn’t care about you? Drag City’s premier anti-comic has announced 20 new tour dates, hitting a handful of cities too-often neglected. Neil’s raunchy mix of trash talk and contemplative philosophy kicks off on Earth Day(!) in Newport, KY. While no celebrity or rock star is safe from his material, audience members can rest assured it’s okay to laugh. Earth would have wanted it that way.

Peep the dates below and start planning your carpools.

4/22/10 Southgate House - Newport, KY
4/23/10... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter, April 20 2010

posted April 20th, 2010


What’s up?!? Back in action for the second time in less than a month, your Drag City scribe is gonna keep it simple for you. We’re a record company, which means we make phonograph records, compact discs and digital downloads for around a couple dozen artists and thirty or so different records per annum. However, as a company that makes things, we’re forever dabbling – we’ve made books, magazines, DVDs, posters, a coin (!) and sometimes just a t-shirt. Actually, we’d... (read more)


Drag City sez Discount This!

posted April 19th, 2010

“Drag City you never give us downloads,” “Drag City, you should have given us FLACS,” “Drag City, you’re not promoting my favorite artist right,” “Drag City, I have to go to the bathroom again!” SHUT UP! Okay baby — get ready for your candy...

We’ve got a unique new promotion for the vast, only semi-explored Drag City catalog. Every Monday, we’ll announce the Item of the Week on the Drag City website - and for the next week of days, you’ll be able to mailorder... (read more)

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Never Died Before

posted April 16th, 2010

The Israeli powerhouse otherwise known as Monotonix are preparing to release a new 7” called Never Died Before (neither have we) on 4/20 (shut up), as recorded by none other than Steve Albino (D’oh! I mean Albini!). And to the band, I hope the rest of your tour goes well. Break a leg (Ami! That’s not your cue!)!

4/16/10 Jerky’s Bar - Providence, RI
4/17/10 Musica - Akron, OH
4/18/10 Mohawk Place - Buffalo, NY
4/19/10 Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL
4/20/10 Bayview Legion Hall... (read more)

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Faith No More, More Hamburger!

posted April 13th, 2010

Faith No More have reunited and will be playing some sold-out performances in San Francisco this week. What does this mean - are Faith No More now a Drag City concern? Not at all! Well, we're making a little room in our souls for Faith No More, since our very own Neil Hamburger will be MCing the shows, adding his signature routines to the already eclectic mix onstage. Will the fans go for it? Faith We Have!

As we mentioned, the shows are sold out,... (read more)

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Baby Dee Coming To A Town Near You.

posted April 7th, 2010

Baby Dee is a beacon of light, the kind of light that takes its time to slowly engulf a room, leaving even the faintest of cracks (and some not so faint) emanating with an other-worldliness. Dee's new record A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie will show itself to the world on April 20th, and she will be debuting her tour in Philadelphia tomorrow that will carry her across this grate land, while her fantastical croons lift even the heaviest of hearts, and those who... (read more)

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