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Planning Your Party Weekend!

posted October 15th, 2010

Friday is upon us, and Drag City is in control of your weekend-- it's your destiny, really, to spend at least one of the next two evenings with a Drag City artist you love-- why else would so many of them be playing shows? What better way to party than by attending one (or more!) of these killer shows where you can let it out and keep it loose? Don't you like that?

Tonight marks the end of a wild string of Howling Hex shows,... (read more)

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A Digi-Single Gift From Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

posted October 14th, 2010

What would we do without singles to get us through the dregs (i.e., peers) of the day? They're beautiful, often hard to find, perfect little boutique artifacts that engage and tantalize, offering a peak into the musical world of exciting artists both youthful and geezed-out alike. And how fuckin' cute are they as portable, digital files, especially when sweetly and sensuously plucked from the giving, bountiful Bonnie 'Prince' Billy tree of songs? Epically cute, baby! On this day in 2010, Bonnie delivers us a special... (read more)

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posted October 12th, 2010

Starting today, and for ONE WEEK ONLY, Drag City has partnered with iTunes to offer special rates on THE HARD STUFF. That's right, though the suits at iTunes wouldn't allow use of the words THE HARD STUFF on their precious web site, we're going to freely call it that wherever else we please! While we hardly like to lump artists or records together (each should stand on their own, you know?), the fact that these albums have a common thread is undeniable. They're all... (read more)

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Digital Krayola

posted October 8th, 2010

The Red Krayola's Black Snakes and Three Songs On A Trip To the United Statesare back on planet earth in digital-only format after a sabbatical of years! As the early 80s became the mid-80s, Mayo Thompson guided The Red Krayola with Art & Language into a whimsical third phase reliant on danceable beats and a less didactic approach to the discussion. The title track of Black Snakes along with "Future Pilots," and "Ratman, the Weightwatcher," were classics from this period, while "A Portrait of... (read more)


Death Lives Tonight

posted October 7th, 2010

After the 2009 release of their never-seen-the-light-of-day album, ...For The Whole World To See, Death-mania seemed to just creep right up behind us and fold us into its robe with a cool, bone-ified hand. The insides are hot and sticky with legions of punker-than-you Death fans rocking out and fisting the air, a refreshing bunch of winners ready to hit the club and make it happen. Who'da thunk that by this time in 2010, some 35 years after the infamous conception of their masterpiece,... (read more)

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CAVE European Tour Kick Off

posted October 6th, 2010

Some bands tour, others DOMINATE. Perhaps envisioning a Napoleonic invasion of epic proportions when booking this thing, the CAVE European tour has ballooned into a nitrous-filled cloud set to cover the mainland, Scandinavia, and even the United Kingdom from now til mid-December (dates still being added, daddy). For those of you fucked up enough to have missed out on purchasing Pure Moods, the new CAVE 12” EP and first for Drag City, this is your chance as they’ll be toting a bunch in their... (read more)

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Experiencing The Trip

posted October 1st, 2010

Hot damn, the new solo record from Laetitia Sadier, The Trip, has literally flown out the door over the last couple weeks. We knew the album was something special, yeah; we’re just stoked that you, the congregation, have received the Drag City sermon! As an especially sweet bonus, now peoples of all nations get a chance to see this Stereolab-ite assert her solo-self live, in person, over the next two months! Coming off a packed in-store performance at the Rough Trade East in London-town,... (read more)

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Sic Alps. Magik Markers. No Prisoners.

posted September 29th, 2010

Leaves are browning, sky is graying-- yup, Fall is upon us and that means it's time for touring. Amongst all those bands slammin' their gas pedals across these Made-In-USA highways right now, none are more exciting than Magik Markers or Sic Alps. As it happens, they're doing us the kindest of favors by converging for a couple dates-- here in Chicago at Ronny's, and there in Louisville at Cropped Out Festival (check out our killer deal for Cropped Out). For the Sic... (read more)

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posted September 27th, 2010

As if 4 shows in 2 days isn't heavy enough, you can also listen to Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang do it live on NPR's Eight Forty-Eight, tomorrow morning at 9AM CST at 91.5FM on the dial (or via the inner-web). What's this about 4 shows in 2 days, you say? Well, first you should see a proctologist (or perhaps a neurologist) to get help with that rectal-cranial-insertion, that's not something to neglect! Then, check this out: 2 SOLD OUT shows at... (read more)

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posted September 24th, 2010

Lord have money! There’s a cure for what ails yer fast-pace digital world but glory be, it’s digital too! Now and for always, Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang are offering to you a luminescent pair of tunes that have only seen the lite of day in clearly inferior analog form for only a clearly limited amount of previous time. Now and for now only “Midday” and “You Win” are a pair of sweet somethings to fire the romance of your day ONLY and... (read more)

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