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posted January 7th, 2011

Hey gang, we know winter's only just begun, but if you're like us, you're probably already planning your getaway - either heading west from the cold and snow back east or heading south from the rain and cold out west, huh? We understand. As the globe begins its end times, there's hardly a safe place to go to find that perfect combination of weather elements. Here's something we don't consider often enough - what about a cruise? Yeah, mostly likely, you'll end up trapped on... (read more)



posted January 6th, 2011

As the rich carpet of the future unrolls before us, the rich tapestry of the past is increasingly available to us with little regard for time and space! Case in point: this awesome site where you can find NY-based live events of all kinds that have been captured for posterity much in the manner of what we once called “bootleggers.” But to paraphrase Jerry, once we’re done with it, it’s all theirs — and this was the word of Bonny after having performed for the... (read more)

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posted January 5th, 2011

Drag City welcomes you to 2011, the year of the apps. Oh wait, apps have been around for a while, huh? OK, genious, how often have you heard of a Drag City artist toting a fresh app for your little pocket do-mab watchajiggy? Leave it to "America's Funnyman" to be the first with an iFon application. We hear it's pretty simple - download the app, then anytime you're faced with a "yes or no" situation, shake the fuck outta your phone and Neil will tell... (read more)

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