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posted May 12th, 2011

Where's ol' Bill Callahan? He's out riding through Europe on his Apocalypse tour, leaving scorched earth and either broken or sold records in his flaming wake! Classic venues like London's Barbican are falling, one by one, selling every ticket and unloading hoards of merch, like his debut novel from last year, which as a musical-cum-literary personality, Bill has the temerity to sell (and sell and sell) at his shows. Yep, Bill Callahan is striking while Apocalypse is still smoking hot, pulling tears and... (read more)



posted May 10th, 2011

Baby Dee's Regifted Light continues to shine in every which-was-way e'er since we released it! The piano playin' and singin' marvel has pushed the envelope with her powerhouse band 'cross the eastern US of A for the last coupla weeks. She be blowin' minds with that strong left hand and deft touch, no doubt! Plus, the seasoned way that she and her band slam the pieces together with crunch and brio while working off of written arrangements - this sort of muscle usually isn't... (read more)


Hit The Road With The High Llamas

posted May 5th, 2011

Getting pumped... for something... what the hell wha.... oh yeah! The bloody High Llamas UK tour! We're proud to say that Talahomi Way, the new long player from our master-arranger-and-sorcerer-of-the-melodic-pop-song brethren, just keeps flying off the shoppe shelves! It's a real success, that one. Not to balls-up any of this hard earned momentum, the cockers have gone and booked themselves a few dates 'round ol' Blighty. Since much of the time between Llamas albums proper is often spent spitting music into projects with French... (read more)

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Scouting About Europe

posted May 4th, 2011

Whoa-ho, is it the first of May already? The fifith? Fuck, these calendars are so chock full of holidays over in Europe and the UK, we almost forgot it's Scout Niblett European Tour Kick-off Appreciation Day! Good thing all you folks who made it out to B92 in Belgrade for the first show last night were on top of things! Budapest, let's keep up the trend and continue the celebration -- you've got next! In fact, for the next 10 days Scout'll... (read more)

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posted April 29th, 2011

Earth people! Jesus People! Secularities! There's something in the air today!

...and for the next two weeks as well, as the extraterrestrial sounds of Bachelorette touch down at carefully selected locations on our planet's surface. Her fiendish plan is to lose herself in the crowd at various club appearances where the musical singing group Peter Bjorn and John are scheduled to perform. Bachelorette will appear before the unsuspecting crowd an hour or so before PB&J take the stage and clear the minds of the audience... (read more)

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posted April 27th, 2011

YEAH, man! Listen: we're big on secrets here at Drag City, especially big secrets! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than pulling the wool over your eyes, spinning you around, slapping you in areas of our choosing, and then dangling you over a cliff before de-mystifying the living FUCK out of you. So, without further ado - but first, one more slap - here's yet another little something that you'll want to know all about but didn't know jack-squat fer nuthin' until now. That's right -... (read more)

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posted April 26th, 2011

Whoa, ever since he brought an early Apocalypse our way a couple weeks ago, Bill Callahan's threatening to just keep on riding with the four horsemen. Thus far, the devastation appears headed towards the countries of olde; yep, you guessed it: we're on the brink of an Apocalyptic European tour! Or is that a European tour of Callahan's Apocalypse? Kinda changes things, doesn't it? For the better! Because far be it from us to confuse! So essentially, we're talking about music played... (read more)

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posted April 22nd, 2011

You're an art student, right? Focus in film, perhaps? Even if you simply dabble in the world of video editing or just chop shit up for youtube every time you run out of physical substances to chop, we're going to put you to use, and do so with reward. Neil Hagerty, in addition to his musical prowess, is a freak of a writer! His coming-of-age, chimp-as-psychic-slave-of-humans, sci-fi novel, Victory Chimp, is currently rolling it's way through production as the latest Drag City book... (read more)



posted April 22nd, 2011

Mickey Newbury was a songwriter's songwriter operating at the dawn of rock's singer-songwriter era. His songs were covered early and often, and they scored hits of all kinds for hundreds of artists in a diversity of Billboard categories - for everyone but Mickey. His songs crossed boundaries and his own versions were too far afield of one category or another to capture the popular imagination at the time the records were made. But Mickey's influence was far-reaching. In addition to his catalog of... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter - April 20, 2011

posted April 20th, 2011


You’ve been crouched down low — now uncoil an’ go! How long have we been waiting for prey? We know no time other than today! What if too long’s not long enough? We’re never sure if time’s just another bluff. So spring! Grab at your goal and shred for that thing! Spring! Spring! Don’t leave a bit in reserve! Jump to inherit the position you deserve! Be like us and spring! Forward! Don’t worry about a thing! Spring!

...this is our song as we... (read more)