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Regifted Light and Cinema Night

posted March 7th, 2011

2011: Are you bored yet? Wondering what's on tap on for this month? In Dragcityland, lots! For one, Baby Dee has gifted us a new album, Regifted Light, that, with production help from Andrew WK, is gonna hit you where it counts on March 22nd. But before you take the blow, we suggest you mosey on over to the Gene Siskel Film Center here in Chicago to see To Die Like A Man, showing as part of the European Union Film Festival Saturday,... (read more)

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Get Down(load)!

posted March 4th, 2011

Another week gone in the world of Drag City (and, we assume, elsewhere) - another series of subtle changes to not only the content but indeed, the very form of the Drag City website. Even when you're not looking and not listening and not reexamining every blessed page of dragcity.com...things (and thangs, etc) are changing! In fact, every time you check in with us here, riddle yourself thus: what's different about this picture? Case in point (at last!): this week, we've slowly been introducing... (read more)



posted March 2nd, 2011

Damn! We're not always the crossword type - but bean counting for a living has given us a Sudoku jones we can't shake! Anyway, if you're an enthusiast of the "word-cross" and you're reading this, then 46 down was probably a snap for you when perusing the Sunday LA Times. This kid's been putting out records for 20 years and now they're ready for him? Wouldn't "____ Last Blues" made a good 4 across?

Oh, wait - there's no money in this, is there?... (read more)


Down, Under and Around

posted March 1st, 2011

Dang, this Have One On Me crew just keeps on hustlin' into the epoch of the Drag City journey! Clearly, Joanna Newsom must be working within her own structure of time, outside of the identifiable hours we know and refer to in terms of morning, afternoon, and night. How else could she keep it all together going from time-zone to time-zone, zig-zagging across the planet while kicking out the harp n' piano jams with her band? It's up for the Aussies to try and crack... (read more)

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Randazzo In Reels

posted February 25th, 2011

Just when we were wondering where Elisa Randazzo went off to, she appears 'round the bend brandishing a fresh new video for her song, "Circles," off one of 2010's most egregiously under-appreciated albums, Bruises & Butterflies. Full of sunny song and lightly lovelorn overtones, if there's one thing we know, it's how gooey you'll feel after watching. Desert, dancing and dresses billowing in the wind.. oh hell, just go fucking watch it yourself, creep!

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The Drag City Newsletter/February 23, 2011

posted February 23rd, 2011


Late February and all is swell! Amidst all the thundersnow, white-outs, slush-pack, and the eventual thaws, we find ourselves in tune with the nature underneath it all — blown-out, buffeted and half-frozen, but bolstered by all the water, ready to bloom again. Hell, we’re blooming now — and not just blooming idiots. Naw, there’s gold in these here chills, you just gotta get the pick outta yer nose and get it.

That’s our trip, so whether you’re... (read more)


Knapp Time

posted February 22nd, 2011

People, go on and get down! Party with Sophia Knapp (singer/axe-slinger for Cliffie Swan (formerly Lights)) tomorrow night, live at Coco 66 in Brooklyn! Yeah, it's a release party for her debut 7", "Nothing To Lose," which will surely become one of your favorite cuts to recut when we officially release it in March. Can't wait that long to get your hands on one? We understand - so here's the plan! Those wild enough and lucky enough to hit the show tomorrow will have the... (read more)

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posted February 21st, 2011

...with the High Llamas, kids! We the staff of Drag City have been getting High for the last few weeks, digging the fresh sounds of the new High Llamas record coming out in the rest of the world outside of our office in April! When asked about previous efforts, time in between projects and what's ahead, His Highness Sean O'Hagan gave Pop Shifter some insight on how he and the rest of the Llamas have stayed High for so long. No one likes a bogart,... (read more)

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Answers From The Floodplain

posted February 18th, 2011

Everywhere we look, from old school print rangs to the 'net worldwide, people are alive with praise for Asleep On The Floodplain, the striking new LP/CD/DL from Six Organs Of Admittance. And why wouldn't they be? The record is rad! So we want to give you the wot fer in knowing about it too, because you're going to gently bond and grow with the sounds contained within, developing eventually into the relationship known as "love." There's no better way to feel it than by... (read more)

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posted February 16th, 2011

It's been a year since the catastrophe in Haiti & ONE MILLION remain homeless! Back in October - when you were stuffing your skull with Halloween candy while humming your fave Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album - an outbreak of cholera was confirmed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. There have been 140,000 cases - with the death toll now well over 3,000 people. Does this make you wanna get off your still-costumed duff (what's with that, anyway?)? Well, you CAN help by simply... (read more)