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Stone Cold Baird

posted April 15th, 2011

Praise be! Sweet-singing songbird Meg Baird's busily working on a new record; in conjunction, she's made it a point to get things happening live, too, for the people (her fans, our people, you) and will do so tomorrow night, at The Stone in New York. What will she do? Play new originals? Shred on some extended versions of fan favorites? Cover herself, covering others? Cover others' covers of songs she's covered? Shit, we don't know...hopefully all of the above and more so! However she... (read more)

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posted April 14th, 2011

Bert Jansch is state-side again, performing his own songs on guitar in immaculate , as his legend requires - he just happens to be schooling Neil Young again while he does it! Don't you feel that feeling in your hip bones? They seem to act up every time the Sunshine Boys of the new electric church of the 1960s hit the road agin', as they've been doing most of the past year. Yep, the Jansch/Young tour starts tomorrow in Durham, NC, rides up the east... (read more)

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Just In: Record Stores Sell Drag City Merchandise

posted April 12th, 2011

Lately we’ve come to appreciate that urban outpost for the stars known as the record store. No matter how heavy shit gets, one can always seek refuge from the perils of modernity among the dusty racks of compact discs. Oh and LPs, too. Nothing says “20th century” as well as a pile of dusty old LPs and CDs in alphabetical order! And really, is there anyplace better for conversing long hours with a clerk about the latest ripple in the canon of western music? O,... (read more)

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The People Under The Stares

posted April 7th, 2011

The People Under The Stares is back! Drag City's vaunted comedy night returns, after a 3 year hiatus. We're the ones who broke all your new faves back then-- TJ Miller, Hannibal Buress, Zach Galifianakis, Morgan Murphy, remember? Tonight's shows at the Hideout, featuring Todd Barry,Neil Hamburger, and Brendon Walsh, are sold out-- sorry we didn't tell you first hand in advance, but couldn't you see the warning signs, yourself? How much more trolling in this... (read more)

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posted April 5th, 2011

Just before June shuts down the month of May, Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang will instigate the people of Florida to be free. But not from the silly stage of some paid-entry club, with their foolish drinks and age requirements. No, Bonny & Cairo are people who like to do things for people. That why, from the Pensacola panhandle to the beaches of Miami, America’s most famous peninsula has in-stores in store for them!

Yes. Seven Floridian record stores will host free performances... (read more)

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posted April 2nd, 2011

Hey Gang!

We're about to release our first-ever audio-book! So let's talk about a special promotion for our second-ever audio book, shall we?

Later this month, Rudolph Wurlitzer's Slow Fade (as read by Will Oldham) will become available. But in June, the original Drag City hip paperback, Neil Hagerty's inner-outer space science opera, Victory Chimp, will hit streets and other places in newly-rendered audio book form. It is for this vision-inducing, cross-pollinating work of media that we are holding a contest in order... (read more)


posted April 1st, 2011

Ah, Asleep On the Floodplain. Since its release in February, we've all been nestled, wonderfully dozing, enjoying this most enjoyable latest Six Organs of Admittance emittance. With the world rollicked by wars, 'quakes, and 'namis, it's a wonder how we've managed...wait, we've got it, we survived in part because no one, but no one plays guitar quite so distractingly and with such deep spiritual penetration as Ben Chasny! Now that spring's upon us, we rely once more on Six Organs of... (read more)

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posted March 29th, 2011

Tune into NBC tonight and witness Carson Daly succumb to DEATH live, on his show, Last Call!

Detroit rockers DEATH took the world by storm in 2009 when Drag City released their long lost punk masterpiece, ...For The Whole World To See. January gave birth to Spiritual, Mental, Physical, another batch of jams unearthed from the same mid-seventies period of punk rock beginnings! Tonight, keep your clicker on NBC to witness the complete culmination of DEATH live before your eyes, including live... (read more)

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Return of the Silkie!

posted March 28th, 2011

In July, Drag City will proudly re-unveil Love Has Made Me Stronger, Carol Kleyn's beautiful 1976 private-press debut full-length. Mark that on your calendars! Until then, we're offering you an even rarer slice of heaven: the title track from Carol's 3rd album, Return of the Silkie - freshly re-mastered & straight from Carol's heart... read on:


Performed on a small Aoyama harp with vocals, ocean and sea lions in the back-ground.

It is with great sorrow that this... (read more)

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We're Not The Only Ones

posted March 25th, 2011

For a couple weeks now, we've all been slammed by news reporting the devastation and ongoing risks in Japan following the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami-- down to every minute detail. Relief is coming, but slowly. We can do more and hope you will, too. In that regard, Drag City has already offered two outlets for support: one being, make donations to the relief program suggested by Masaki Batoh of Ghost; the other by simply purchasing the August Born album in any format from... (read more)

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