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The Drag City Newsletter/March 23, 2011

posted March 23rd, 2011


And we’re off! Are we ready? No. Willing? SUPER-YEAH, man! We’re running with what we’ve got or claim to have and the dare is on “” catch us if you can.

The Drag City schedule has got so much out there “” like as of today, we’re shipping new records from Baby Dee, Ed Askew, Gary Higgins and Sophia Knapp “” and so much on the way, like Bill Callahan, High Llamas, the... (read more)


Let There Be Light — Regifted Light!

posted March 22nd, 2011

Onwards toward Regifted Light, y'all — The new Baby Dee record officially drops today! To celebrate, we gots a slick, commercial animation to pimp, utilizing the amazing album artwork provided by Dutch artist, Christina De Vos.

The album shines new rays on Dee's multitude of talents, as well as her ever-growing list of admiring collaborators: all songs were recorded using the grand piano given to Dee by none other than Andrew WK, who produced the album. We've let Regifted Light blaze here at... (read more)

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Shacking Up With Will Oldham

posted March 21st, 2011

We spend so much time talking bout Will Oldham the musician, we sometimes forget how well rounded he is. As an artist! The dude can act, too, and while we don't like to muse on that (under)side of him too much, sometimes we're just totally compelled-- such as now! Will does his comedy like no one else, and it's full-on flaming in the latest season of The Internet Shack. Shit being funny and all, we're hip to turning you onto it, like we do... (read more)

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Ghost: An Update From Japan

posted March 18th, 2011

For all concerned, and all that should be:

On March 11, at 2:46pm, the biggest earthquake (magnitude 9) in our observed history struck off the coast of Sanriku. The subsequent tsunami and fire has damaged people enormously.

Dead: 4,957 Missing: 15,220 Refugees: 523,288

Immediately following the Tsunami, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima suddenly stopped working properly. The ECCM (emergency core cooling system) didn't operate properly as a result of the immense damage. Now, 4 nuclear reactors in the northwest are seriously damaged by high... (read more)

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High Llamas Class In Session!

posted March 17th, 2011

On April 19th, Drag City puffs out its collective bosom to proudly unveil the latest (and arguably greatest) masterwork from the High Llamas, Talahomi Way. To warm everyone up, head Llama Sean O'Hagan will don his professorial wizard hat and provide Londoners with a unique opportunity: the chance to learn all his magical tricks and slights of hand. This Sunday at 7:30pm, Sean will give a FREE lecture at Proud Camden as part of the London Shortcutz series - wherein he'll attempt to put his... (read more)

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posted March 15th, 2011

As we’re often at pains to tell you, we’re all living in on this earth in interesting times - and that’s not always a good thing. Recently, we were talking to you about the humanitarian upside of buying the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang 10” single. The response has been powerful and we and EDGE Outreach are grateful to you. Meanwhile, as you know, the earth hasn’t stopped shaking. So now, we’re talking to you about buying a record to provide... (read more)



posted March 11th, 2011

Younglings of greater NYC! Clear your calendar for next weekend, Saturday, March 19: some sage forefathers got some shit to sing-say to you, and it being a prime weekend night and all, you owe it to experience that which you haven't before and can't with members of your own generation. Plus, these fore-fellas got unique musical talents. Basically, Gary Higgins and Ed Askew be up on it! Yeah, see, both these cats got new (well, actually sorta old), records coming out on March 22nd, and... (read more)

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Endtables play first show in over 30 Years

posted March 9th, 2011

Something in the sewage water in Louisville, KY. Over the years, Drag City has slurped from many a scummy drain down there to bring you the tastiest bits of musical nastiness, none more exciting than The Endtables EP, a balls-out punk record by a band making the Louisville scene back in the late 70s. The jams hadn't been available for 30 years prior to it's re-release on Drag City, and now, as if that wasn't exciting enough, you have the incredible opportunity to see the... (read more)

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Regifted Light and Cinema Night

posted March 7th, 2011

2011: Are you bored yet? Wondering what's on tap on for this month? In Dragcityland, lots! For one, Baby Dee has gifted us a new album, Regifted Light, that, with production help from Andrew WK, is gonna hit you where it counts on March 22nd. But before you take the blow, we suggest you mosey on over to the Gene Siskel Film Center here in Chicago to see To Die Like A Man, showing as part of the European Union Film Festival Saturday,... (read more)

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Get Down(load)!

posted March 4th, 2011

Another week gone in the world of Drag City (and, we assume, elsewhere) - another series of subtle changes to not only the content but indeed, the very form of the Drag City website. Even when you're not looking and not listening and not reexamining every blessed page of dragcity.com...things (and thangs, etc) are changing! In fact, every time you check in with us here, riddle yourself thus: what's different about this picture? Case in point (at last!): this week, we've slowly been introducing... (read more)