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Bill Callahan Is Reading Still

posted January 21st, 2011

In recent weeks you may have seen mention of Bill Callahan reading from his book, Letters To Emma Bowlcut, live and in person. As fans of Bill's singing live and on records, the man's got a rich warm baritone of a voice combined with utterly unique timing that uncovers the hilarious in the pathos like extracting diamonds from a rough! Yessir, he's a complete natural - well, as natural as a man can be who'd make something called Ballerina Scratchpad, at least. Anyway,... (read more)

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posted January 20th, 2011

O’rourke-Jim! Yes, our singer-songwriter-turned-soundtrack composer has added to his shelf of accolades with a best-music award for his score to the film Kaitanshi Jokei at the 65th annual Mainichi Film Awards. See, people are just stupid “” they think Jim’s over in Japan drinking saki and chasing women. That’s true, but that’s not all he’s doing. O’Rourke-san couldn’t live unless he was pumping out music of all kinds “” improvised, composed, pop, avant-, 21st century, etc “” at a prodigious rate. The records over the... (read more)

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Sick New Video From Sic(k) New Al(p)bum

posted January 18th, 2011

Wot, Seasonal Affected Disorder coming into full effect for you? Wondering if maybe you need a clinical getaway? Check yourself into Napa Asylum! Yes, Napa Asylum, the crisp new double (gatefold) LP from Sic Alps. On CD too, natch. The first Sic Alps album of all new material for Drag City, I said! G'Damn we're excited. To celebrate the occasion, in addition to shipping these big bad babies to stores and distributors world wide this week, plus assisting with a forthcoming USA tour, we... (read more)

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Newsom Set To Conquer More Of Europe

posted January 14th, 2011

Bonjour, tout le monde. Yes, we are speaking directly to the center of the universe, France - because if they don’t hear at least un peau de their native tongue, they just won’t listen! And even if they do listen, they’re gonna argue. But Joanna Newsom is not afraid, she was born to do this. Tour France, that is. Can you be just as heroic? Vive les reves and all that at her shows in Nantes, Rouen and Bordeaux. Or in Spain, where she’s increasing... (read more)

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Keeping Up With The "Sway"ing Jennifer Herrema

posted January 13th, 2011

Los Angeles, before you head to M Bar or whatever this Friday, head on over to the Volcom store on La Brea to check out legendary Drag City recording artist Jennifer Herrema as she jams with another singer of note: Wino, of metal monsters St. Vitus. The pair will be riffing on some classic Sticky Fingers-era Stones tunes.

Jennifer's been busy working on her full time gig as leader of RTX, slaving in the studio over tracks for a new album we've been promised for... (read more)

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Sacred Comic Meditation

posted January 11th, 2011

Father Yod’s Source Family story has been told in many ways -- most viscerally through the many musical recordings Ya Ho Wha 13 and its shifting incarnations produced and provided via open spiritual channels through the years. But as we’ve mentioned previously, the story is also communicated through various ritual (including a DVD!) and visual goods, including books and pamphlets. Nothing to date has so excited our six senses as the brand-new “Father Yod and the Source Brotherhood” comic book adventure, written by Isis... (read more)

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posted January 7th, 2011

Hey gang, we know winter's only just begun, but if you're like us, you're probably already planning your getaway - either heading west from the cold and snow back east or heading south from the rain and cold out west, huh? We understand. As the globe begins its end times, there's hardly a safe place to go to find that perfect combination of weather elements. Here's something we don't consider often enough - what about a cruise? Yeah, mostly likely, you'll end up trapped on... (read more)



posted January 6th, 2011

As the rich carpet of the future unrolls before us, the rich tapestry of the past is increasingly available to us with little regard for time and space! Case in point: this awesome site where you can find NY-based live events of all kinds that have been captured for posterity much in the manner of what we once called “bootleggers.” But to paraphrase Jerry, once we’re done with it, it’s all theirs — and this was the word of Bonny after having performed for the... (read more)

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posted January 5th, 2011

Drag City welcomes you to 2011, the year of the apps. Oh wait, apps have been around for a while, huh? OK, genious, how often have you heard of a Drag City artist toting a fresh app for your little pocket do-mab watchajiggy? Leave it to "America's Funnyman" to be the first with an iFon application. We hear it's pretty simple - download the app, then anytime you're faced with a "yes or no" situation, shake the fuck outta your phone and Neil will tell... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter, December 27, 2010

posted December 27th, 2010


Yes, goodbye and farewell to everything that 2010 came to symbolize, as well as everything it actually was! As all the tomorrows of this year have turned to yesterday, we've turned the page. We've got no use in those days gone by. Because you see, man cannot live in the past, he has to live today (and speaking of living, anyone interested in a little back-catalog? Whoop! Time-space continuum dysfunction! Back the presentÂ…) and look towards tomorrow. Which we do every day. We're sorry... (read more)