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posted April 12th, 2012

Kids these days, making records with their 4 tracks, their cell phones, their Mboxes... lest we remind you of some of the gay 90s pioneers for such experimental recordings? You know them as arena-style rockers today, but back when they were little muppet-baby types, David Berman, Stephen Malkmus and Bobby Nastanovich used to get fucked up after fucking up their day jobs and make songs, which they wrote by playing onto cassettes and microtapes via innovative studio techniques like direct to boombox and answering... (read more)

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posted April 10th, 2012

At Drag City, we're on a mission to make the things we know you want. Usually, we make the thing we know you want in multiple formats so as to effectively cover the duality of your mind and the poles of your personality. Just cause one shoe fits don't mean the pants will, too, right? Are you with us? Perhaps not, but we'll get you there! For years, Drag City has published books in the traditional formats, both hard- and soft-covers as well as two... (read more)

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Cynthia Dall 1971-2012

posted April 9th, 2012

We are shocked and deeply disappointed to post this notice: Cynthia Dall passed away at her home in Sacramento last Thursday.

Cynthia was a muse that crossed over into actual-artist-dom. Her self was her original art, a spirit and image that was inspirational on first sight. The '90s were a great time to start playing music when you didn't really know the first thing about it other than you liked it, and Cynthia was able to use her unique abilities along with her incredible energy... (read more)

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posted April 5th, 2012

We live in a world of non-duality. Things that seem separate, though distinct, are actually connected, as one, with the universe. We're set to release the new album from OM, Advaitic Songs, this coming July. Advaitic Songs is distinct from, yet linked with, 2009's God Is Good - while it maintains the singularity of purpose that informs the core sound of OM, every element of Advaitic Songs reaches further than before - it's the band's most focused, expansive, and imaginative document to... (read more)

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posted April 3rd, 2012

Sweet Billy Callahan, he moves us like we've never had a movement before. Where'd he come from, so fully formed and with this cover of Mickey Newbury's "Heaven Help The Child?" More or less, he came from our world, a world fit for discharging ripping cover versions of classics from another era, just as hot as if they were new Calla-riginals. Yep, his is one side of a 7-inch that includes the hard-to-beat Mickey original take on the other. That... (read more)

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posted April 2nd, 2012

Like a snake charmer, Sir Richard Bishop works his six-string with some element of magic we can't quite explain but by which we are whole-heartedly hypnotized. Be it with the poly-guitarral sounds of Polytheistic Fragments or the ethno-thematic Freak Of Araby vibes, not to mention the enduring deepness of previous solo endeavors and Sun City Girls explorations, the Bishop's output is mesmerizing, confounding, hilarious and basically just downright punk-fried amazing. It's a way of life for him, you know? Since it kills us (and... (read more)

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posted March 29th, 2012

Ah, the sweet scent of opium runs deep through your l'il immersion den. Lest the iron pigs intimidate, in these environs it's natural to experience love like a rondo - the theme's vivacious, to be repeated again and again in the key of your subscribed tonic, dear cousin. Crystalline projections, silkily sulfuric and veining in the strata of your frontal lobus, coalesce like gypsum just behind the structure of your eyes, evaporating in the misty liquid of the open air. Breathe deeply, suck it in!... (read more)

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posted March 29th, 2012


The world is still and quiet – did someone die? No, but that doesn’t mean we’re all not dying anyway. As March goes out like a sleeping lion on the lam, we here at the Drag City are quiet too – quietly fuming with jealousy over the three out of four weeks of the month where other records on other labels come out instead of ours. What’s up with those weeks, what’s their fucking deal? Why do they keep coming around... (read more)



posted March 27th, 2012

When we're not living in the now, surfing on the surging wave of these two thousand pre-teens, we lovingly hark back to the golden age of punk, that sweet-smelling era that spanned the late 70s and early 80s. Musically, everything was rightly fucked and weird, sharply edged at a time when the popular drift was toward fear-mongering and conservatism. Though radical in ideal, actual jams were congruently economic in presentation - shit was simultaneously theoretical and real. And shit should still be, shouldn't it? We... (read more)

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posted March 26th, 2012

Ever since the release of Rad Times Xpress IV, Black Bananas continue to ripen and play host to interesting growths and cultures. A petri dish of blasting rock and bubble-gum-brown-note funk, the band have so far laid waste to 2012 audiences across America in both headlining and supporting roles, never wasting an opportunity to expose the n.k.o.t.b. to their leathery, Black Bananas berry. But for those who love going to shows in the comfort of their own home, Herrema and Co. put together a... (read more)

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