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Death to Austin!

posted November 6th, 2009

No wait! We don't wish bad things to happen to Austin, it's just that Death is actually playing in Austin this weekend. If you're making your way to Fun Fun Fun Fest, make sure to head to the Orange Stage tomorrow (Saturday, November 7th) at 6pm. They'll be playing songs off of their surprise hit record For The Whole World to See, and playing other unexpected tunes to let you know what they've been up to the past three and a half decades. Did... (read more)

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Papa M performs "Live From a Shark Cage"

posted November 5th, 2009

This just kicked in! Papa M will be resurrecting his classic Live from a Shark Cage at All Tomorrows Parties on Saturday, December 12th at Butlins Holiday Centre. This is a part of the All Tomorrow's Parties ten year throwdown, and Live from a Shark Cage (released in '99) has done ten years of business for us - so they're perfectly matched! The CD has passed away into the annals of time, but you can buy the LP here, or a nice FLAC... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter October 20, 2009

posted October 20th, 2009


Another month has passed in this crazy new millennium of ours – and it’s like a drop in the bucket for all of us on the cutting edge of new music production. Month? Try a year. Fall again? No problem. Like clockwork, we’ve assembled an excess of aural (and in one infamous case, auri/oral-visual ) d’lights to get you through the Big Three (Halloween, (T)Hanksgiving and Hkwanzuka, take your fookin’ pick) and into the world beyond. At which point,... (read more)


Special G-Rated Offer for X-Rated Mail-order customers only.

posted October 16th, 2009

Has Final Flesh creamed your demon yet? Of course not, the film isn’t even out yet, stupid! But all that can change as long as you’re one of the first five lucky customers to purchase the Final Flesh DVD that comes out Nov. 17.

Here’s the deal: order the Final Flesh DVD from this here website, and that automatically enters you to win a grab bag of items chosen by the writer/director/producer/anarchrist, Vernon Chatman! Let me tell you, these items are priceless, not to mention... (read more)

The Drag City Newsletter September 29, 2009

posted September 29th, 2009


Call ‘em what you like, we’ve got enough releases to transform the most benign of months into a musical fest surpassing all yer pathetic generic boundaries. Still, with a lineup that included Monotonix and OM, how could we not call September a month of purest rock? And with Espers, Alasdair Roberts, the music of Gnawa and singles from Bonnie Prince Billy and Bachelorette, how could October be anything but a month where we roll on to new pastures of... (read more)

The Drag City Newsletter - September 11, 2009

posted September 11th, 2009


Welcome once again to Drag City’s monthly update! Sure, since the last time you heard from us, you’ve heard from everyone else — well, let’s see…half a dozen times a day on Twitter, Facebook updates, then all those texts times…something like a month a half – Good Lord, we’ve been quadrupi-lapped (at least!) by the rest of the world! And we haven’t shaved or changed our drawers, either. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that life-changing music hasn’t ceased rolling off of... (read more)


When Hairy Met Silly: Ben Chasny & Major Stars

posted September 1st, 2009

Drag City brings you a conversation between Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Wayne Rogers & Kate Village of the legendary Boston group Major Stars!

Six Organs of Admittance have just released a new album Luminous Night ; Major Stars released Mirror Messenger in 2007 and are currently working on new material. Wayne and Kate also run the venerable Boston record store Twisted Village.

BEN: First with the geeky tech questions for those who want to know: What guitarist(s) made you... (read more)

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posted August 12th, 2009

After years of research and development, not to mention trial and error, agony and ecstasy, love and theft, petty crime and extreme punishment, and pillaging with a refreshing lack of raping, here’s your fresh and of-the-now Drag City website. The possibilities are endless with this baby — if only it didn’t look like every other website out there! Ah, well — at least when we look at it, we know that each and every pigment in the color spectrum is made up of pure... (read more)