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And on the 9th day, the Lord said, Let there be Flesh!

posted November 16th, 2009

From the demented minds of the PFFR collective ("Wondershowzen," "Xavier: Renegade Angel," anybody?), comes the all-new DVD release Final Flesh. In a world where you think another genre can't be created, Drag City is here to prove you wrong! "Prank Porn" at its best...or at its only incarnation, this release is going to shock the fuck out of you!

And for a few lucky Los Angels, you will get a chance to experience this exquisite torment in your very own flesh. A segment from... (read more)

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Six Organs of Admittance Gets Literate!

posted November 13th, 2009

Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and writer Joseph Mattson have collaborated to create Empty the Sun, a new book-with-soundtrack project now distributed by Drag City courtesy of A Barnacle Book.

It's a novel about what happens when the most important member of your body becomes severed. Hey, don't go there! We're talking about the fret finger of a guitar player. That would be a bummer, right? Well, riding that bummer is Ben Chasny, who creates the musical vibes and moods to complement... (read more)


Where Were You When Monotonix Broke Through the Iron Curtain?

posted November 12th, 2009

OK, so the Iron Curtain fell almost 20 years ago, but there’s nothing saying that Monotonix aren’t going to break down the Iron Curtain of ROCK. They’ll be bringing their hot, sweaty, audience-participation-required live show to every edge of the European continent. This full-fledged European tour sees them on their first ever headlining dates in Eastern Europe, with stops in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland!

Where Were You When It Happened? European tour:

11/17/2009 @ The Others (Warehouse) – London, United Kingdom
11/24/2009 @... (read more)

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Master Musicians of Marrakech

posted November 11th, 2009

Join Drag City and Twos & Fews for a release party in celebration of Ouled Bambara: Portraits of Gnawa at Intuit Gallery in Chicago, on Thursday, November 19th at 6:30pm. Ouled Bambara: Portraits of Gnawa is a CD/DVD set profiling several master musicians of the centuries-old North African Sufi trance-healing order called the Gnawa, whose music, dance, and ritual practice synthesize West African animist traditions with mystical Islam. Recorded and filmed by documentarian Caitlin McNally in Marrakech in 2005, Ouled Bambara: Portraits of Gnawa features... (read more)

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Death brings sweet relief to Austin!

posted November 10th, 2009

Death took center stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin this past weekend. They emerged on stage in Grim Reaper cloaks (...but instead of scythes, they wielded a powerful arsenal of guitar, bass, and drums) to play some of the most venerated music released in 2009. Still riding high on the success of For The Whole World to See..., they were heralded as the best reunion band at the festival, with the audience chanting "Death! Death! Death!" in likely the least... (read more)


Lights invade your nights!

posted November 9th, 2009

The Lights tour kicks off today in Boston!

If you haven’t seen these righteous babes perform Rites live and in-person, this is your long awaited opportunity. It’s psychedelia in its most glamourous state.

Don’t just listen to us, see it for yourself in their video for “Fire Night” here directed by Lauryn Siegel. Lauryn’s goal of the video was to encapsulate the power and magic of their live show and analogue oil and water projections, which make Lights not only an aural, but visual illumination.

... (read more)

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Death to Austin!

posted November 6th, 2009

No wait! We don't wish bad things to happen to Austin, it's just that Death is actually playing in Austin this weekend. If you're making your way to Fun Fun Fun Fest, make sure to head to the Orange Stage tomorrow (Saturday, November 7th) at 6pm. They'll be playing songs off of their surprise hit record For The Whole World to See, and playing other unexpected tunes to let you know what they've been up to the past three and a half decades. Did... (read more)

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Papa M performs "Live From a Shark Cage"

posted November 5th, 2009

This just kicked in! Papa M will be resurrecting his classic Live from a Shark Cage at All Tomorrows Parties on Saturday, December 12th at Butlins Holiday Centre. This is a part of the All Tomorrow's Parties ten year throwdown, and Live from a Shark Cage (released in '99) has done ten years of business for us - so they're perfectly matched! The CD has passed away into the annals of time, but you can buy the LP here, or a nice FLAC... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter October 20, 2009

posted October 20th, 2009


Another month has passed in this crazy new millennium of ours – and it’s like a drop in the bucket for all of us on the cutting edge of new music production. Month? Try a year. Fall again? No problem. Like clockwork, we’ve assembled an excess of aural (and in one infamous case, auri/oral-visual ) d’lights to get you through the Big Three (Halloween, (T)Hanksgiving and Hkwanzuka, take your fookin’ pick) and into the world beyond. At which point,... (read more)


Special G-Rated Offer for X-Rated Mail-order customers only.

posted October 16th, 2009

Has Final Flesh creamed your demon yet? Of course not, the film isn’t even out yet, stupid! But all that can change as long as you’re one of the first five lucky customers to purchase the Final Flesh DVD that comes out Nov. 17.

Here’s the deal: order the Final Flesh DVD from this here website, and that automatically enters you to win a grab bag of items chosen by the writer/director/producer/anarchrist, Vernon Chatman! Let me tell you, these items are priceless, not to mention... (read more)