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posted May 8th, 2012

We wouldn't call it Starting Over, but we're about to let the Animals out of the cage, yu-huck! Dwarr lives. Dwarr's LIVE! It's gospel truth, brother! You thought the records were the only Dwarr experience to be had? Don't be a non-believer! Dwarr is risen and for the first time EVER is prepared to hit the road! Animals and Starting Over are masterpieces of loner metal, birthed from an inner darkness, reaching fruitless for the eternal light, bathed in murk, dementia and just... (read more)

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posted May 7th, 2012

Tour diaries are integral artifacts for musicians and music fans alike. Often consumed as literature in book form, like that of the self-publishing, Morrison-of-the-80s former 'Flag front person, or as online hoot-action like that of fellow SST graduate Watt, they're literal indulgences by and for maniacs struggling through a universe they simultaneously strive to conquer, embrace, and avoid. Not to say that OM are maniacs, or struggling in anyway! But they're certainly a conquering force, simultaneously embracing all in their path - physical and spiritual.... (read more)

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posted May 3rd, 2012

Don't turn around, cause Laetita Sadier is back! Two years freshin' since Laetitia's solo debut, The Trip (dang, 2 whole years?... whatevs, we been trippin all this time!), the Sadier marquee now reads, Silencio! No, it's not a request for you to put a cork in it so someone else can speak; rather, Silencio is an invitation to sample silence, to listen to how silence resonates with truth. You hear us? Silencio is born from a natural need for stillness, as well as... (read more)

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posted May 2nd, 2012

Say, brother can you spare a dime? We've bet the Drag City farm on 2012 being a big year for Six Organs of Admittance and that leaves our dime-bag empty at present. But it's gonna come in a winner in time, don't you worry. Whether you inferred this already from our DC-prescribed daily digital horoscope or not, perhaps you're still too deeply consumed with yourself to realize any of the greater goals we, the human race, the denizens of Drag City, are meant to pursue... (read more)

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