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Buying Stuff = Free Tix. Drag City Invades Cropped Out Festival

posted September 24th, 2010

Whoa, shitchya, is there was ever a non-Drag City created but Drag City-loaded festival, this would be it. Everyone be pouring into the barrel of bourbon-land, Louisville, Kentucky, to drink up at the Cropped Out Festival! That's right, Magik Markers, CAVE, Sic Alps, and veterans King Kong are all poised to do it up at Cropped Out Festival, October 1st through 3rd, at the classy American Turners Club, with tons of other rad-as-hell freaks and geeks (and bands). As they're obliged to do, the... (read more)

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The Drag City Newsletter, September 21, 2010

posted September 21st, 2010


That cool breeze coming through the window – can it be? Is the fat vicious bitch of a summer finally out of our life? Hey, as much love as we got for the season of the emancipation, nowadays our inner suit tells us that we’d all be better off with every mother’s son at their desk and ready to do something with their lives once more. Like for instance promote and sell the Drag City catalog as if there’s no tomorrow! Because... (read more)


Humping In Your Home

posted September 20th, 2010

OK, OK, you think we've been talking about these muthafuckas too much, right? Once you're inside, you'll succumb to their relentless nature, too: they will not stop until your refuse is totally violated. Until today, this threat has kinda been something you can leave at the cinemaplex. Something nearby, something within reach, but avoidable unless you had the balls to go outside and get it on.

Starting tomorrow, however, the threat becomes portable-- cumming at you on DVD in your own freaking living room. Trash... (read more)

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Easy Greasy

posted September 20th, 2010

The sad story how BP managed to screw up a jackpot well and the Gulf of Mexico in the process is by now universally known and deplored. We see what happened in the Gulf as a disaster for everyone everywhere. What is to be done to bring discovery, production and distribution under manners continues to be puzzled over, and while it is hoped that solutions will be found, in the meantime, as citizens and as consumers who feel implicated in the mess, it occurs to... (read more)

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It's Batoh's World, We Merely Channel It

posted September 16th, 2010

Spiritual waves vibe their way through the doors of Drag City on a daily basis. Some envelop us, others are cast aside, and more still are channeled, funneled, and put to proper use. Such is the vibe-tide rolling in from Japan, where Ghost-man Masaki Batoh is meditating on his upcoming special performance at Manda-La2, Kichij ji in Tokyo on Monday, September 20. Why so special? Well, aside from being a rare solo performance with guests Kazuo Ogino (Lute, Harp, etc.) and Japanese folksters Akiko Hodaka... (read more)

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Rockerd Of The Week!

posted September 14th, 2010

I was ten years old on a camping trip around the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. It was drizzling and cold. There was a group of fourteen year-olds camped nearby. They were listening to music that drew me through the bare trees towards the smoky campsite. The closer I got the scarier the music sounded, and the more I had to know about it. I walked up to the lank haired burnouts who were sitting around a wooden picnic table with a big silver boom... (read more)

Hamburger Suffers British Rage

posted September 9th, 2010

Last time we checked in on Neil Hamburger, we weren't even sure if he'd make it to the UK in time to follow through on his touring engagements. Miraculously his little life raft held true, and not only did he make the gigs, but he managed to get really positive reviews-- for his comedy, even-- leaving all of us here in the office quite chuffed (if you're not a member of the U.K., that means "pleased"). One thing led to another, and that thing led... (read more)

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Item of the WeeksSietinsonsBairdEspvallHauserSmith!

posted September 7th, 2010

Today, Espers is a household name — but it was just eight years ago that the Philadelphia collective was formed. In the beginning, they were made up of Greg Weeks, Meg Baird and Brooke Sietinsons. This was the group that recorded their first, self-titled album. Before the recording of their second album, Espers expanded in all ways possible, shooting for the stars with their feet reaching through the ground to the plates that shift beneath the war-torn face of our mother Earth.

They... (read more)

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Lights Shine During 'Crisis'

posted September 6th, 2010

Wondering what's up with Lights since their recent tour and album from last summer, Rites? Well, not us, as we know lots more about them than you do! Not to brag or nothing, but for instance, did you know that Sophia Knapp and Linnea Vedder moonlight in a group called Girl Crisis? Well, they sure as hell do, and there's a new track floating around now as proof. Trippy, check it out! Perhaps you recognize the jam? And yeah, we can assure that there's... (read more)

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They Gave You, Now You Give Them

posted September 1st, 2010

TO DO: make yourself feel good and help those that have suffered. We all want to do this, right? The aftershocks of Hurricane Katrina are still felt by many in NOLA, and what with the recent oil spill down in the gulf, and what with the Crescent City being so awesome to begin with, it's more than fitting for a benefit record called Dear New Orleans to be released on the 5 year anniversary of the devastating 'cane. What's more fitting is for Drag City's... (read more)